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January 29, 2008 14:12 ET

Cuddle Sleeve™ Helps Infants Thrive Through Expanded Contact With Caregivers

Studies Show Frequent Holding and Cuddling Has a Positive Impact on Infant Health and Brain Development

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - January 29, 2008) - Cuddling your baby not only strengthens the psychological bond between parent and child, but it can also significantly improve your baby's rate of growth and overall health. Stellar Baby's Cuddle Sleeve™ is a new baby product that assists with and prolongs important cuddling sessions. Made of a soft, cushioned fabric, the Cuddle Sleeve is worn on a parent or caregiver's arm to help support the baby's head and create a cozy nest for the baby to rest, feed and sleep.

"I originally designed the Cuddle Sleeve as a practical accessory to prevent fatigue of my arm and eliminate perspiration when holding my baby," said Rachel Jablon Margalit, who co-founded Stellar Baby LLC and created the Cuddle Sleeve with her mother, Sandy Jablon. "We've since discovered research that indicates the touching and nurturing contact between caregiver and child is crucial to an infant's healthy development."

In an article entitled, "The Importance of Touch," published in 2004 by the Child Development Center at University of North Carolina in Greensboro: "...Holding and stroking a baby encourages the brain to release important hormones that stimulate the growth of vital organs. In addition, touching, patting, and hugging babies improve their ability to digest food -- their stomach seems to work better when they are held and cuddled... Babies need people to touch them regularly to help their brains grow. Touch helps the nerve cells form the connections within the baby's brain that allows it to work more efficiently. Finally, touch often helps a baby to settle and feel less stressed. Babies who are touched and stroked frequently fuss less during the day, sleep better at night, and relate better to caregivers."

With Cuddle Sleeve, a caregiver is able to give an infant the expanded cuddling time the baby needs for optimal growth and development. The Cuddle Sleeve cushions the baby's head while supporting the parent or caregiver's arm in a comfortable, air-circulating sleeve. The Cuddle Sleeve also smoothes a baby's transition to babysitters and to her own bed because it is familiar and it holds the parents' scent so the child feels safe and secure regardless of who is holding her. The Cuddle Sleeve is machine-washable and designed to fit easily into diaper bags, and travels everywhere, unlike other lap pillows which are not portable and unstable to use. It comes in many colors and fabrics, including some organic cotton styles, and it features a pacifier pocket and a fabric loop that holds a matching burp cloth. Prices range from $49.95 to $54.95.

The Cuddle Sleeve was honored with the iParenting Award for "Best Product" and it was one of the "Best Baby and Children's Products" in Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC's "2007 Best Products Media Guide." "We're very pleased with the response we've been getting from our customers, including parents with special needs children who need to be held for long periods of time," says Cuddle Sleeve co-creator Sandy Jablon. "We have ideas for more products that can help make parenting easier and more enjoyable. The most important thing you can offer your baby is your loving arms. The joy, the benefits and the memories you create are golden."

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