April 23, 2015 20:00 ET

Cufflink, a Priority Messaging App for up to Five Super Important People, Coming Soon Only for Apple Watch

Peter Relan's YouWeb Incubator Backs "Wrist-First" App for Apple Watch

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 23, 2015) - Peter Relan, head of the YouWeb Incubator's 9Plus program, today announced he's backing a "Wrist-First" app for the Apple Watch, designed with personalized sharing and tagging features, to bring to your personal life the same level of efficiency that the popular app Slack has brought to your work life.

Cufflink™ for Apple Watch forms a "priority graph of links" to five or fewer people who have direct access to you, the owner of the Apple Watch. These links are then enabled with sharing, tagging, to do, reminder and pinning features. Partners, kids, close friends are expected to be the majority of the links established based on experiments and millions of messages the Awear team has analyzed on wearables for almost two years.

The app is the first Apple Watch app of its kind to be created with a new philosophy Relan has dubbed "Wrist-First" to support early adopters still discovering how the Apple Watch will integrate with their daily lives.

"Wrist-First apps -- those created specifically for the Apple Watch platform vs. iPhone apps repurposed for the watch -- will turbocharge Apple Watch's appeal to consumers still undecided if they need a smartwatch," said Relan whose incubator YouWeb sponsored Aurora Feint (an early hit game for the iPhone in 2008), OpenFeint, CrowdStar, Agawi and more. "Just as mobile-first apps like Instagram, WhatsApp and Uber changed mobile behavior, we'll soon find that consumers will only want smartwatch apps that are tailored to extremely quick and efficient interactions, with a hyper-easy user interface and design that help make the Apple Watch a must-have device."

"Cufflink provides a priority channel for people who have direct, unrestricted access to you," explained founder Jakob Wilkenson, who also helped build YouWeb's early iPhone hits Aurora Feint and OpenFeint. "In some ways it's like Slack for your personal life, but Cufflink is built specifically for your wrist and for the people who matter most to you."

How Cufflink for Apple Watch works
For example, a partner might send the message "Can you pick up Jack from karate class at 6:30?" tag it as a task, and also attach a picture of Jack's karate schedule. The receiving partner gets notified on her Watch and can choose "I can do it" or "Sorry, I can't" or "I'll get back to you." Selecting "I can do it" creates an automatic reminder and optionally adds it to her calendar. She can also pin the photo to their private shared photo board so they both have easy access to it.

Cufflink will be available for the Apple Watch within weeks following the smartwatch's availability to the general public. 

The 9Plus incubation program, branded under the YouWeb umbrella, was started in 2012 to broaden YouWeb's investment focus from gaming to new and larger market opportunities, and has raised $6.6 million to date from a who's who in Silicon Valley. To learn more visit

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