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November 30, 2011 04:00 ET

Cultural Fit is More Important than Experience for Contact Centre Recruitment

Recruitment Consultants within contact centre recruitment urge companies to focus on attitude and approach, as well as ability.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 30, 2011) - The UK call centre industry is expanding constantly. The trend to base call centres abroad in cheap locations is being reversed as companies respond to feedback regarding quality of service and the positive impression a UK based customer service team can create. Feedback from recruitment consultants and hiring managers is that high-calibre managers and staff are in strong demand.

Recruitment experts are advising contact centres to take a quality based approach to hiring, to ensure they receive candidates interested in career growth, and cultural fit forms a large part of this strategy. Many people might seem on paper to have the core skills necessary for the role, but not everyone is suited to call centre work. Hiring managers should be more concerned with how well suited the potential agent is to their company's culture and ambition.

This culture and ambition will be unique to your company, so using previous call centre experience as a criteria or recommendation will be insufficient to determine whether that candidate will fit your business. Contact centres can vary greatly, with culture determined by many things such as KPIs, management style, agents' autonomy, motivation and bonus structure and types of call.

Therefore it is important to establish the work approach, attitude, ambition and motivation of a candidate to properly assess their suitability. This is even more crucial for a call centre outsourcer, as not only do they have to satisfy their outsource partners via KPIs, but these also have to be balanced out against the critical customer experience of the consumer.

Assured Recruitment provides a managed service with a particular focus on cultural fit. John Wigg, Assured Recruitment's Director of Sales and Service, says "The key is to remember that not everyone is cut out to work in a call centre. Some people aren't well suited to the work environment and won't last long. If you don't hire these people in the first place, your retention rate will improve significantly. By finding the perfect character for your business, attrition is reduced, making it more about resourcing for tomorrow and bringing people and organisations together for productive partnerships that build success on success."

Recruiting with a focus on cultural fit is a strategy that can benefit contact centres as well as many other businesses. It has always been critical in certain roles, such as high level and senior executive jobs, tasked with leading the company, or with sales and other public facing roles. However with the current high unemployment rates hiring managers can feel overwhelmed by applications from candidates with the necessary skills and experience, so it is important to have a recruitment process which assesses an applicant's ambition, motivation and work style as well as ability.

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