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June 18, 2013 12:15 ET

Culture Expert RoundPegg Launches Real-Time Employee Engagement Solution

Closing the Loop on Culture, Engagement and ROI: RoundPegg Uses Gamification to Assess and Monitor Employee Engagement Trends Year-Round

BOULDER, CO--(Marketwired - Jun 18, 2013) - For too long companies have settled for measuring employee engagement via traditional surveys, once a year with no tactical takeaways to right the ship. Yet, as RoundPegg observes, annual surveys are "like taking your temperature on New Year's Day to see if you'll have a fever on July 4th."

The culture management software company tackled this problem by developing EngagePegg, an innovative approach to tracking employee engagement that works in real-time. EngagePegg is the fourth component in the company's culture management suite, which includes CulturePegg to measure and monitor culture, HirePegg and TeamPegg to actively manage culture.

Employee engagement is a much sought-after state as it corresponds to productivity, retention and has been tied to greater customer satisfaction and increased revenues. Traditional measurements of employee engagement include an annual survey, evaluated against industry benchmark data, and broad, high-level feedback is provided months later to improve engagement.

Using components of gamification, pulse surveys and previously collected culture data, RoundPegg is able to provide uniquely customized recommendations based on the sub-culture of every given team. Not every employee is motivated by the same things so it stands to reason that the rewards and recognition used to motivate and engage must accommodate all sorts of different people.

"Data alone doesn't solve the problem. Real-time engagement data isn't worth much without the insights to do something about it. Knowing how different teams are wired gives RoundPegg the ability to customize recommendations to managers in order to re-engage," said Dr. Natalie Baumgartner, Chief Psychologist at RoundPegg.

RoundPegg's culture management solutions help HR professionals and business leaders measure, manage and monitor their unique culture and the various sub-cultures in order to drive business performance. RoundPegg's offerings combine the latest in management and organizational design research and psychological practices by identifying unique core values, conflict values, and sub-cultures. Facilitating data-driven culture discussions through machine learning algorithms, the RoundPegg Culture Suite gradually adjusts candidates fit over time to progress toward the goal of being a strong, well-aligned culture.

"With EngagePegg, if a dip in engagement is identified, management is alerted and provided with practical, tactical, customized advice to correct actions as needed -- instead of months later once data becomes available as the traditional annual approach works," Baumgartner continued. "As a result, employee engagement is aligned with the pace at which the organization works rather than relegated to so far after the fact it becomes meaningless."

EngagePegg is available now. More information can be requested by emailing

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