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September 10, 2013 11:00 ET

"The Cupcake Theory" Is Author Clara Lee's Debut Book for Women on Romantic Relationships and Self-Worth

Scheduled to Be Published October 1, 2013 by CLU Press

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 10, 2013) - "The Cupcake Theory" is a powerful and encouraging book of wisdom, by Korean-American author, entertainer, consultant, and entrepreneur Clara Lee, that will empower and help women understand how they can best flourish in romantic relationships. Through using a charming analogy of the relationship between the cake and the frosting of cupcakes, the book reinforces concepts of balancing one's own self-awareness and needs with the desire for fulfilling romantic relationships.

 "It doesn't matter how great and lavish your frosting is... because that is not what makes you who you are," explains Lee, regarding her theory. "What makes you who you are, is you -- the cupcake without all the decorations and glitz. Be whole. Be solid. Be beautiful. BE YOU!"

"At the heart of my theory is the idea that each of us are our own beautiful and unique cupcake; our partner is the frosting, which further beautifies and enhances us," she adds. "This unique perspective for examining our romantic relationships and ourselves can help us gain what our hearts truly want -- the amazing experiences of life and love."

"The Cupcake Theory" is scheduled to be published Tuesday, October 1, 2013 by CLÚ Press and is available for pre-order/order on, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and will be sold in bookstores throughout the U.S. and Canada, and select gourmet cupcake stores. Books ordered through will receive a signed copy. 

"The Cupcake Theory" is Lee's first book packaged in an easy-to-read, imaginative 64 pages with creative illustrations to help communicate the message of her theory. In fact, a growing list of readers are already praising the book and how it communicates Lee's theory:

  • "Cupcakes are now so trendy, but Clara Lee's advice is tested, tried and ever true. Teen girls, in particular, should heed her simple lessons about loving and depending on themselves as the cornerstone for a healthy romantic relationship." - Janet Lever, Cal State L.A. Professor of Sociology and former "Sex and Health" columnist for Glamour magazine
  • "I love this book. The analogy of women to cupcakes is perfect and makes the profound statement that we need solid foundations on which to build our relationships. My word for this book is SWEET!" - Bonnie Weiss, acclaimed Life/Relationship Coach/Speaker
  • "The Cupcake Theory applies universally, not just to women. It is full of wonderful, digestible bits that serve as a reminder to men and women alike that a successful relationship starts with a rooted foundation in oneself. This is a go-to-guide with a valuable message that can be understood by teens and adults alike." - Heidi Netzley, Creative Services manager, top Fortune 500 entertainment company
  •  "A profound, fun-guised mantra that so effortlessly sheds light on the simple truth to happiness in the otherwise complicated but essential area of our lives that we call a 'relationship.'  A deliciously simple illustration that thus makes it easy to see clearly at last, waiting to be found in the most obvious of places: You." - Raquel Olsson, CCTV News host

 Information about "The Cupcake Theory" can be found at the book's official website -- -- in addition to the social networking sites at,,, and

About the Author
Clara Lee is the author of "The Cupcake Theory," a book about romantic relationships and self-worth. Born in Seoul, Korea and raised in Northern California, Lee is a graduate of Boston University. Her entrepreneurial spirit was honed at BU, where she gained the knowledge and skills to successfully build businesses. Lee's love for the arts led her to the world of fashion, media and entertainment, including modeling, hosting, dancing, singing and songwriting. Lee currently resides in Los Angeles, Calif., with her puppy Blueberry. She divides her time between the East and West coasts to perform all her passions -- including consulting and coaching in the fields of business, life and relationships, and speaking engagements at various universities and events throughout the country. For additional information about Lee, visit and

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