Curlew Lake Resources Inc.

Curlew Lake Resources Inc.

February 15, 2011 09:10 ET

Curlew Lake Resources Inc. Announces It Has Increased Its Land Position to 776,740 Acres of Metallic & Industrial Minerals Rights on the Peace River Arch Geological Formation in Alberta

LANGLEY, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 15, 2011) - Curlew Lake Resources Inc. (the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:CWQ)(PINK SHEETS:CWLXF) announces it has extended its land holdings of metallic and industrial mineral rights in the Peace River area of Alberta to a total of 776,740 acres. The following is a brief summary of the technical aspects of the exploration history of the area.

The Peace River Arch is a Precambrian granitic anticline that collapsed and has downwarped over 400 million years, possibly due to a migrating mantle plume. Faulting of brittle granites resulted in horst and graben structures identifiable on oil exploration seismic data. Reactivation of faults, continuing today, are divided into a series of deep northeast-trending Precambrian faults at basement and younger Mississippian and Cretaceous faults, and cross-cutting fractures.

Hydrothermal and/or fumarolic processes resulted in two kinds of mineral emplacement on Peace River Arch: on the East PRA, the Buffalo Head kimberlites, and on West PRA are the Clear Hills iron ore deposits.

The Clear Hills iron ore deposit, that has been estimated to contain commercial Fe and V, is reported to have 216MT of proven ore and plans are in place to bring it into production. It is thought that this deposit is associated with Worsley Graben at Rambling Creek. The oolitic iron ores and minnete complex ores were regionally delineated by drilling and resource estimates in the 60s indicated bulk tonnages of over a billion tons averaging 35% iron, although this is a NI 43-101 non-compliant estimate.

AGS identifies iron and vanadium as likely feasible products but AGS Special Report 097 indicates gold recoveries are possible in some areas of the 84E map set.

The Clear Hills iron ores were previously named the "Ironcap" and were promoted as a as a gold prospect in the 90s. The nugget effect on fire assay and inconsistent gold recoveries perplexed early promoters of Clear Hills gold prospects.

Drilling followed field sampling in the late 90s on the Worsley iron deposit and in the Chinchaga, Hotchkiss and Naylor Hills areas, and a claim was made that volcanics were discovered in a number of drill holes. Curlew has leased the Hotchkiss lands drilled in Township 94, Range 3 West 6th Meridian.

GSC and AGS carried out a reconnaissance sampling program in 84E near Halverson and Hotchkiss gasfield called GSC Open File 5807 and significant gold was reported in many sample sites. These unusual Au values, as high as 7300 ppb, over normal background value of 8 ppb, were mapped in a 500,000 acre area around Bog Creek.

Compilation of fault maps, KIMs, gold values and outcrop reports by Curlew target initial exploration on a 2 township area named Hotchkiss Triangle where Bad Heart outcrops are reported at an elevation of 800 metres and high quality KIMs have been microprobed from samples taken nearby.

Curlew proposes a Halverson Graben and a high probability of a northeast-trending dyke, or a diatreme cluster, that should be identifiable on aero mag or on 3-D seismic surveys. AGS report 2011-01 identifies Hotchkiss as an area of particular interest for Au and SEDEX mineral emplacement. GSC recovered grains from 58 sites on map set 84E. Microprobed forsterite, pyropes, G10 and G7 garnets, eclogitic garnet, chrome diopside, eclogitic low-chrome diopside, chromite and zircon, indicating proximal mantle tapping events. Concentrations of degraded ultramafic volcanics may lead to previously unidentified mineral deposits.

Curlew Lake and its joint venture partners plan to conduct exploration on these lands this year, and will consider potential participation by other parties provided the results of our efforts confirm the data we have accumulated.

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Robert B. Pincombe, President

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