January 20, 2012 00:01 ET

CURRENT to Provide IBERDROLA With Advanced Metering, Supervision, and Communications Solutions Supporting Spain's Largest Smart Grid Initiative

MADRID, SPAIN--(Marketwire - Jan 20, 2012) - CURRENT, a leading global innovator of utility grid infrastructure and software solutions, today announced that IBERDROLA selected the company to provide advanced metering, transformer supervision, and network communications solutions for wide-scale deployment in Spain in 2012. The installation by IBERDROLA, which is one of the largest utilities in the world, is part of a significant expansion of their industry benchmark STAR Project (Network Remote Management and Automation Systems) launched in Castellón, Spain in 2010.

IBERDROLA is installing CURRENT's industry leading Connected Intelligence™ product portfolio, which includes PRIME-based Intelligent Data Concentrators for advanced metering and transformer station supervision, as well as managed network communications gateways. CURRENT's OpenGrid® Networking enterprise software will be utilized for backhaul network management, provisioning, and troubleshooting.

"CURRENT is a key strategic supplier to IBERDROLA, where the competitiveness among them is part of our strategy, and we hope it will continue to play a critical role in our large-scale rollout of advanced metering and grid automation systems in Spain," said Miguel A. Sánchez Fornié, Director of Control Systems and Telecommunications at IBERDROLA. "CURRENT's innovative solutions and dedication to our vision give us great confidence on the reality of interoperability as a basis for optimizing our investment as we significantly expand the deployment of our STAR project."

The IBERDROLA STAR deployment represents the largest, most comprehensive metering and grid automation initiative announced for 2012 deployment in Europe. It encompasses PRIME-enabled advanced metering to 1.3 million homes, in addition to supervision and communications solutions installed at over 5,000 transformer stations. It is a significant extension of IBERDROLA's Castellón project, which became the world's first deployment of multi-vendor advanced metering technologies demonstrating comprehensive end-to-end interoperability using the open PRIME metering standard, for which over thirty companies are now members or have applied for membership. IBERDROLA will deploy smart metering for its 10.3 million customers in Spain within a plan that ends by 2018.

"CURRENT has been working with IBERDROLA and other leading European utilities for several years to create a comprehensive solution specifically focused on modernizing the grid and meeting the EU 2020 targets," said CURRENT CEO and President Tom Willie. "IBERDROLA has proven through the Castellón installation of their STAR Project that a dedication to open standards and end-to-end interoperability for modernizing the utility grid can provide significant advancements in performance, cost, and deployment of grid infrastructure systems."


CURRENT provides leading distribution automation solutions, including core infrastructure and software products that enable Connected Intelligence for utilities around the world. CURRENT provides applications that support utilities looking to implement smart metering, improve reliability, and enable grid communication. With over a decade of demonstrated innovation, CURRENT's products are a foundational component of some of the most advanced grid modernization deployments in the world. CURRENT has been recognized by Platt's Award of Excellence, the World Economic Forum's Technology Pioneer Award, and GoingGreen's Top 50 Cleantech companies.

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