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January 07, 2015 17:47 ET

Custom Hardware Powers Work Flow for Motion Picture Scanning Services as It Completes the 4K Digital Scan of the Giant Screen Film Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - January 07, 2015) - As 4K dominates the 2015 International CES show in Las Vegas, Motion Picture Scanning Services (MPSS) announced that it has completed the 4K digital scan of the award-winning Giant Screen documentary film Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia.

MPSS, a wholly owned subsidiary of VGTel - 360 Entertainment & Productions, Inc. (OTCQB: VGTL), recently opened its doors in Austin, Texas as the newest resource for the digital scanning of films from their original analogue formats -- Big Screen 70/65mm, 35mm, or 16mm -- to digital 4K for Ultra High Definition (UHD) distribution.

With 4K being one of the top trends at CES this week, MPSS has developed proprietary 4K scanning technology that provides state-of-the-art resolution, dynamic range and color brilliance.

Applying decades of film scanner experience as well as the incorporation of the newest sensors and proprietary software, the MPSS scanner was designed and built by industry veteran Greg Passmore and his handpicked team. "We've developed and constructed the film scanning facility in the growing hotbed of indie film and emerging technology of Austin, Texas," stated Passmore.

"The MPSS scanner uses a low velocity, precision transport isolated in a positive pressure cleanroom environment. The use of a low velocity transport reduces mechanical stress on the film and allows for the safe handling of damaged or fragile films. Our UHD+ HDR sensor captures tremendous spatial detail and dynamic range while the HEPA filtered cleanroom helps minimize restoration requirements associated with dust. Our goal is to make MPSS the premiere film scanning service for the digital remastering of historical, beloved and culturally significant films."

In association with distributor K2 Communications, VGTel - 360 Entertainment & Productions' UHD release of Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia follows the company's 4K/UHD release of Giant Screen favorites: Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk; Alaska: Spirit of the Wild; Amazing Journeys; and Bears. San Diego's PassmoreLab provided the digital restoration of all of the 4K films.

"Our goal was to establish a film scanning facility that offers unparalleled quality, pricing and speed," said MPSS COO James Humann. "MPSS is a cost-effective solution for film studios and owners of film libraries to breath new life into their inventory of films by releasing their archival titles in a new digital 4K/UHD resolution. There is an immediate demand for 4K content and MPSS is positioned to provide a very valuable service to film owners."

MPSS is currently in discussions with owners of film libraries to meet the intense demand of 4K exhibitors around the globe. "The exponential growth of the 4K market worldwide is undeniable and the entertainment industry is committed to the rapid development of 4K. Just look at the push being made at CES, by OEMs like Samsung, LG and Sony, and content providers like DirecTV, Comcast, Netflix and Amazon," added Humann.

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Austin-based Motion Picture Scanning Services (MPSS) is a world-wide resource for the scanning of films from original analogue formats -- Big Screen 70/65mm, 35mm, or 16mm -- to 8K/4K Ultra High Definition. 

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