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May 29, 2013 01:00 ET

Custom Insurance to Save Truckers Money

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - May 29, 2013) - When it comes to describing vehicle running costs, 'astronomical' is becoming less of an exaggeration by the day. For trucking firms, there could be a moneysaving grace in the form of custom insurance, says Quote Me Today.

Despite the major supermarkets currently 'warring' over fuel prices by undercutting each other, Quote Me Today believes the lowest price still isn't low enough, especially for haulage firms.

The cost of diesel has topped around 145 pence per litre in the UK recently - the new supermarket battles have brought that down by approximately 10p.

Quote Me Today is one of the UK's longest standing online-based insurance brokers and in its time, has directly witnessed the inflation of operational costs for its clients.

Its advisors are capable of customising truck insurance policies to bring quotes down, with no sacrifice in required protection - something the establishment is keen to bring to light, at this dark time for HGV companies:

"It's encouraging to see the supermarkets competing so fiercely on fuel pricing lately but no matter what they do, the cost of running a lorry will always be high in today's world.

"We work with a lot of HGV owners, many of whom are running huge fleets - the operating costs for these organisations can be shocking.

"Still, the one thing we have seen work before and can definitely recommend, is an endeavour to save money in other areas - like insurance.

"It's unfair how many people end up with an insurance policy full of features they don't really want or require; we customise policies for our HGV clients, so they only pay for the protection their business absolutely needs. If it saves a little bit of cash then great - but sometimes, it can actually free up a meaty chunk of budget."

Meanwhile, it has been announced the HGV Road User Levy Act will be enforced in April 2014, with the intent of charging EU drivers to operate on the British road network - just like UK firms are charged in Europe. Whereas this may not directly save money for UK truckers, the money will go towards bettering HGV routes - potentially minimising risks/repairs costs for British lorry drivers in the long run.

For now, Quote Me Today works hard with hauliers customising their insurance to save money in the short term. To find out more about how the online broker operates, visit www.quotemetoday.co.uk.

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