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March 23, 2011 12:01 ET

CustVox Secures Position as One of Europe's Leading Voice of the Customer Providers; Independent Market Research Reports

As One of Few European Actors to Make the List, CustVox Ranked 6th Out of 24 in a Comprehensive Mapping of a Fragmented Vendor Landscape Which Evaluated VOC Providers by 12 Interdependent Dimensions.

ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND--(Marketwire - March 23, 2011) - CustVox AG, a global leader in Customer Experience Management software solutions today announced the results from an independent Market Research study which has evaluated VOC Providers around the world.

Voice of the customer (VOC) is a market research technique defined as the process of capturing customer's expectations, preferences and aversions.

"We are delighted to be recognized as a top-tier global VOC provider. The study reports CustVox is an emerging growth player in EMEA with documented success in the telecommunications sector that will benefit from its new, and stable leadership," says Federico Cesconi, CEO of CustVox AG.

The report, titled 'Operationalizing Voice of the Customer' was conducted by industry analyst firm Hypatia Research, LLC by interviewing executives and employees from more than 400 companies that use VOC software and services across numerous industries. Industries represented included financial services, professional services, retail, consumer goods, healthcare, manufacturing, hi-tech and non-profit.

Company size segmentation comprised 32% small businesses at <$50M, 34% mid-market and 34% large enterprise with revenues at >$1b.

Among the findings, CustVox was one of just three companies to rank 'excellent' in the "Multi-Source Data Acquisition" category – an achievement not even reached by the majority of global market leaders in the study.

"In a highly competitive landscape, EMEA based CustVox ranked among the top 20% of vendors in Hypatia's Galaxy™ for Voice of the Customer enabling technologies by providing clients with both quantitative and contextual tools for the multi-channel capture, management, analysis and application of customer insight. In addition, CustVox easily integrates with existing IT business support systems such as CRM and financial transaction systems," said Leslie Ament, research vice president for customer intelligence strategies at Hypatia Research.

The IT infrastructure at CustVox is the only comprehensive, multi-channel CEM platform for capturing, managing and analyzing the customer's voice in real time, on a cross-channel basis, allowing the client to launch a customer centric solution in just 5 weeks.

"Our research revealed that contextual information such as surveys, CRM verbatims, online content and even emails between organizations and their customers are seldom analyzed or even shared with the same roles that perform quantitative customer survey analysis", said Leslie Ament. "When turning customer voices into customer insights, organizational challenges center on 1) finding the 'customer signal' within high velocity volumes of contextual information, 2) analyzing and disseminating critical decision-support insights to key personnel and 3) creating an operationally-executable plan (i.e. structured business processes) for leveraging VOC insights. With a compelling product roadmap for a young company, CustVox supports organizations' efforts to proactively utilize comprehensive customer insight," she added.

The CustVox software solution has been optimized to easily integrate with existing business systems such as CRM and ERP systems which in term facilitates use of standard methodologies such as Customer Feedback Management, 6 Sigma, Net Promoter Score, Norton / Kaplan Balance Scorecard, Customer Loyalty Index and Customer Satisfaction Index.

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