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June 03, 2009 09:00 ET

CYA Technologies Maximizes ECM System Availability; Protects Critical Information Assets for Leading Publishing Companies

Harcourt, Lexipol, Wolters Kluwer, Others Using CYA SmartRecovery to Ensure Accessibility, Integrity and Granular Recoverability of ECM Information

SHELTON, CT--(Marketwire - June 3, 2009) - CYA Technologies, an enChoice® company, today announced that Harcourt, Lexipol, Wolters Kluwer, Reed Business, and other leading publishing companies rely on CYA SmartRecovery to maximize ECM system availability and protect the critical information residing in their ECM repositories.

Publishing companies invest in ECM systems to reduce production and operating costs, shorten production cycles, increase worker efficiency, and improve quality. In order to realize these benefits, it's vital that their repository information, which can include content for multiple channels such as web and print, graphics, and metadata such as editorial workflows, is continuously accurate, accessible, and fully protected from all potential causes of loss and corruption.

CYA SmartRecovery is the only application-aware solution that complements existing backup solutions by enabling hot, synchronized backups and granular recovery of ECM system information. It ensures data integrity, helps meet or exceed stringent service level agreements, and safeguards organizations against logical failures by enabling one, several, or thousands of objects to be quickly restored back into the repository in their original states without taking applications offline.

"Daily cold backups aren't an option for us because the entire system must be brought down, which paralyzes our business and results in a 24-hour data loss window," said Jerry Travers, Director, Enterprise Content Architecture, CCH. "With CYA SmartRecovery, we can recover objects without taking the system down or incurring any additional data loss. It also maximizes our productivity by eliminating the need to recreate content that was lost due to user deletions, a faulty query, metadata corruption, or any other type of logical failure."

CCH, a Wolters Kluwer company, chose CYA SmartRecovery because it was the only solution available enabling them to recover information at the incident level while meeting its service level agreements. Bringing its ECM system offline to recover from programmatic errors, viruses, and other logical failures was not an option given the time-sensitive nature of their products, which provide tax, accounting, and legal professionals with up-to-the-minute information regarding new legislation and regulatory changes.

Furthermore, because legislation may be vetoed or go through numerous iterations before it's passed, staffers often found their content would become obsolete and hit the Delete key, only to find the legislation being re-introduced or reverted to a previous rendition at a later date. They were then forced to recreate the content, causing significant productivity loss.

"With the Internet being a primary or sole channel for many publishers these days, the pressure is on to generate fresh content at a rapid pace, and ECM systems have been instrumental in ensuring that content is published in the fastest, most efficient manner possible," said Wayne Crandall, president of CYA Technologies. "CYA SmartRecovery helps publishers achieve business continuity goals and optimize their ECM investments by ensuring that their business isn't immobilized by common problems that can bring day-to-day operations to a standstill."

To learn more about CYA SmartRecovery, visit or call +1.203.513.3111 x501. To read a case study on CCH, view the Resources section of the CYA Web site.

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CYA Technologies provides the only end-to-end portfolio of solutions that optimize enterprise content management (ECM) application efficiency, facilitate compliance, and insure companies against the risks of ECM information loss. CYA solutions support ECM systems including EMC Documentum and IBM FileNet P8, and protect thousands of repositories at more than 275 global organizations including British Petroleum, DuPont, Gruenthal, McKinsey & Company, Schering-Plough, Standard & Poor's, and the U.S. Army.

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