May 09, 2011 08:00 ET

Cyan Service Level Aware Network (SLAN) Framework Helps Service Providers Increase Revenues and Lower Costs

Resulting Services, Networks and Operational Scale Support Rapidly Changing Market Requirements With Ease and Efficiency

PETALUMA, CA--(Marketwire - May 9, 2011) - Cyan today introduced Service Level Aware Networks(SM) (SLANs), a comprehensive framework that helps service providers manage complex, rapidly scaling, multi-layer networks while facilitating revenue growth and cost reductions. Driven by the continued exponential growth of broadband Internet, wireless backhaul, streaming video, business Ethernet and cloud-based services, this framework alleviates the tremendous pressure such applications place on service provider networks. Due to their multi-layer nature and rapid growth, the cost of operating these networks using conventional approaches has become a challenge to service provider profitability. By leveraging dramatic advances in packet-optical transport platforms and highly advanced software systems, Cyan's Service Level Aware Networks framework allows service providers to economically scale their networks, while increasing revenues and decreasing transport costs.

(Editorial Note: See also today's press release titled "Cyan Helps DukeNet Improve SLA Compliance in Multi-vendor Networks Using Cloud-based CyPortal")

Key drivers for the Service Level Aware Network framework are found in almost all networks:

1. Continued rapid traffic growth. Most service providers agree that metro and regional packet traffic continues to double in capacity every 12 to 24 months. If this trend continues, as projected, packet traffic in 2021 is likely to be 1,000 times that seen as recently as 2006. This places tremendous strain on every aspect of building and operating networks.

2. Mounting cost pressures. While revenues grow slower than traffic, bandwidth unit costs (CAPEX and OPEX) must decline at relatively comparable rates, or service provider financials will come under increasing pressure.

3. Increasing need for higher performing services. As business and mobile applications migrate to new cloud and packet-based services to satisfy scaling traffic, these more mission critical applications and services demand higher performing service level agreements (SLAs). Service providers are simultaneously compelled to offer these SLAs to derive higher revenues.

4. Increasingly complex networks. This level of capacity expansion and SLA improvement requires new technologies, resulting in an increase in network layers and complexity. Scaling capacity with discretely implemented DWDM, OTN, MPLS/connection-oriented Ethernet (PBB-TE or MPLS-TP) and Ethernet services actually increase costs, and the resulting complexity reduces SLA performance.

"When we formed Zayo in 2007, we recognized the industry was in a transformative period and the bandwidth demands required us to begin architecting for a new era of communications infrastructure," said Chris Murphy, vice president of Sales and Business Development, Zayo. "Today, wireless backhaul services are a leading indicator of the scale and performance expectations of our customers. Networks of the future will require dramatically greater capacity, more intelligence and must be built and operated at a materially lower cost than today's networks. With Service Level Aware Networks, Cyan has demonstrated keen insight into those challenges and developed new solutions to convert them into opportunities."

Cyan has exploited highly integrated platforms and powerful new software systems that enable the planning, management and verification of multiple network layers concurrently, producing dramatic gains in efficiency, performance, service agility and operational simplicity. Key attributes of the Service Level Aware Network framework include:

  • Multi-layer Planning: Utilizing advanced multi-layer planning concepts to aggregate, groom and transport services with greater network efficiency (reducing CAPEX) and tighter SLA compliance.

    Cyan's systems engineering team and customers have been using CyPlan as a key multi-layer planning resource for the past year.

  • Multi-layer Management: Implementing full FCAPS (fault, configuration, accounting, provisioning and security) across multiple network layers concurrently to simplify operations, accelerate problem resolution and reduce operator error (the leading cause of network outages globally) for tighter SLA compliance and lower OPEX.

    Cyan introduced CyMS, the industry's first multi-layer management system with 3-dimensional network visualization in 2009.

  • Multi-layer Verification: Providing service level assurance and verification for multiple services operating at different layers, improving SLA performance and providing incremental revenue opportunities.

    Cyan today announced CyPortal as a multi-vendor, multi-layer SLA assurance and verification service.

  • Service Level Aware Transport Platforms: Collapsing support for Ethernet services, connection oriented Ethernet, SONET/SDH, OTN and DWDM with multi-layer aggregation and grooming provide unprecedented scale with new economies. Added support for the latest OAM (operations, administration and management) standards such as Y.1731 for Ethernet and G.709 for OTN and industry leading multi-layer planning, management and verification systems combine to achieve the full operational benefits of Service Level Aware Networks.

    Cyan's Z-Series packet-optical transport platforms support these multi-layer grooming and transport capabilities, with OAM enhanced components that work in harmony with CyPlan, CyMS and CyPortal to make Service Level Aware Networks simple and efficient.

  • Service Level Aware Support Services: Networks and services are undergoing unprecedented change. Now more than ever, service providers need vendors with Service Level Aware support services to help facilitate these changes.

    Cyan recently announced CyNOC, a support suite that makes it even easier for service providers to roll out new products, services, and begin the process of transforming services, networks, and operations to a Service Level Aware Network framework.

"Service providers globally are under siege with escalating packet traffic, increasing SLA expectations and decreasing revenue-per-bit economics," said Frank Wiener, vice president of marketing and international sales for Cyan. "There's a growing industry consensus that scaling networks using conventional approaches will not satisfy economic or competitive needs. Service providers must find new ways to balance the opposing forces of scaling networks and reducing costs while meeting SLAs. Service Level Aware Networks are gaining momentum as the framework of choice for achieving these objectives."

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