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Cyber adAPT

May 31, 2017 09:00 ET

Cyber adAPT launches patented network analytics platform

New skwiid platform delivers unique threat-detection for mobile, IoT, cloud and core networks

HALF MOON BAY, CA--(Marketwired - May 31, 2017) - Today Cyber adAPT™ announces the launch of its patented, attack detection platform -- skwiid by Cyber adAPT. By inspecting streams of network packets in real-time, this unique technology finds any sign of malicious activity that has gone unnoticed inside the core network, and throughout mobile, IoT, and cloud services.

The platform solves the challenge presented by new digital business models, which have obliterated the traditional network perimeter. With an increased number of endpoints and network services to target, attackers are taking advantage of overwhelmed analysts and incomplete defenses. Nine in ten businesses have already been compromised according to Munich Re1, and the impact can be catastrophic when it surfaces -- ransomware 'revenues' alone doubled in 2016 to more than $1 billion2.

The general availability of skwiid allows CISOs to be sensitive to the widest possible swath of malicious patterns that could pass on the wires. Its threat-centric detection is encoded from global intelligence sources, and can include cloud and VM protection. Machine learning ensures that detection remains fine-tuned to individual environments.

"We are dedicated to acquiring, enriching and delivering the most advanced and relevant detection capability to our customers. Imagine codifying up-to-the-minute threat intelligence from sources around the world and applying it in real time, 24/7, against network traffic," says Kirsten Bay, President & CEO of Cyber adAPT.

"Our customers trust our threat-centric approach. They won't rely on AI to solve their most complicated problems. skwiid provides absolute reassurance, effectively automating our network of intelligence professionals around the clock, watching every single network packet."

Enterprise security budgets continue to rise in parallel to the security risks from digital expansion. skwiid has been designed to find more attacks more quickly than other solutions -- without costs spiraling out of control.

"Our network has never been more transparent nor in control of all devices. When we have been attacked, Cyber adAPT has been our first alarm," says CIO of a mid-sized financial services investment firm. "Cyber adAPT gave me the visibility I needed and the confidence the board required to approve additional security measures."

skwiid technology highlights:

  • Patented system of traffic sensors and powerful real-time analytics technology.
  • Unique threat-centric detection encoded from global intelligence sources.
  • Massively scalable with 100GB achievable with a single appliance.
  • Cloud and VM options available with protection in minutes.
  • No dropped packets and no network performance degradation.
  • Machine learning capability improves fidelity of detection tuned to your environment.

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About Cyber adAPT:

Cyber adAPT secures every segment of the digital enterprise, finding more attacks more quickly than alternative approaches. Its patented detection platform, skwiid, monitors network traffic in real-time, detecting threats between mobile devices, IoT connections, cloud services, and the core network. Cyber adAPT has been named a Gartner Cool Vendor in 2017.

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