May 18, 2015 07:00 ET

Cyber adAPT Secures $4.1M in Series A Funding; Unveils Real-Time Network Threat Detection Platform

HALF MOON BAY, CA--(Marketwired - May 18, 2015) - Cyber adAPT®, the leader in real-time network-based threat detection, today announced a $4.1M Series A round from Alvin Fund, Granite Point Capital Partners, Griffin Fund II, and Fundamental Capital Management, LLC. The company also unveiled today the general availability of its real-time network threat detection platform, which exposes the presence of sophisticated adversaries hiding inside enterprise networks -- ultimately providing visibility around critical business assets and exposing blind spots within the enterprise.

There is universal acknowledgement that all major networks are already compromised in some way with attackers hiding inside enterprise networks for months or even years before being discovered. The cyber security industry's current hardware and software platforms work exceptionally well against known threats, but these solutions are not sufficient in today's security threat landscape where attackers conceal themselves in dark places where enterprises cannot see.

Cyber adAPT® provides live analysis of traffic on the wire unlike traditional "behavior" based detection technologies that only sandbox the perimeter to analyze the captured data as it passes through the boundary. Cyber adAPT® alerts on likely malicious attacks already present, or newly created, inside the perimeter. Its streamlined dashboard enables rapid threat assessment and reporting capabilities to keep the security team and business apprised of risks to the enterprise.

"We have all heard of the recent security breaches at Sony, Target, Anthem, etc., but what most may not realize is that 97% of all network databases are already infected. Even more alarming is that once there, attackers can hide for months or even years before being discovered," said Kirsten Bay, president and CEO at Cyber adAPT. "With the escalation of attacks and the serious implications to the bottom-line, the protection of enterprise data is now a board-level imperative. Cyber adAPT is uniquely qualified to assess security risks that were not previously considered, as well as identify and ultimately expose security blind spots, which enable corporate leaders to focus on building a holistic business strategy."

Real-Time Detection

Cyber adAPT® passively observes network traffic at line rate speeds up to 40 gbps (full duplex), and looks for malicious activity already inside the perimeter. The system correlates events indicative of abnormal behavior through deep packet inspection, regardless of whether it is malware, a human, or both, which allows for a broader view of "normal" behavior versus anomalous. This correlation of events can then alert to a potential attack and/or adversary on the network with a low degree of false positives. Cyber adAPT® collects and stores metadata, which grows the system's intelligence by establishing host behavior baselines. The product can also be integrated with NBA systems and/or SIEMs.

In the Gartner report titled, "Attack on Sony Pictures is a Digital Business Game Changer," published February 9, 2015, Paul Proctor, VP Distinguished Analyst, Roberta Witty, Research VP, Avivah Litan, VP Distinguished Analyst, and Earl Perkins, Research VP, noted that, "CISOs must pivot approaches from blocking and detecting attacks, to detecting and responding to attacks. A new emphasis toward detect and respond approaches has been building for several years, as attack patterns and overwhelming evidence support that a compromise will occur." They continued, "Entirely avoiding a compromise in a large complex enterprise is not possible. Preventive controls such as firewalls, antivirus and vulnerability management, should not be the only focus of a mature security program. Balancing investment in detection and response capabilities acknowledges this new reality."

Pricing and Availability

The new Cyber adAPT network threat detection platform is available today directly from Cyber adAPT and through partners like ThoughtBurst and Niktek. CAPEX model with entry level pricing around $50,000 and On-Premise OPEX model from $9,000/month. For more information, please contact

About Cyber adAPT:

Founded in 2014, Cyber adAPT® Real-Time Network Threat Detection Platform empowers security professionals to quickly see the state of the ecosystem and establish the level of risk -- intelligently benchmarked over time against the past patterns of behavior -- allowing a company to take proactive steps in order to minimize potential damage. Blind spots can now be identified and removed with new tools and levels of support to assess security risks that were not previously considered. Cyber adAPT's investors include Alvin Fund, Granite Point Capital Partners, Griffin Fund II, and Fundamental Capital Management, LLC. More information can be found at

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