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March 27, 2006 08:30 ET

CyberKey Corporation Announces Enhanced Solutions -- as Reported on

ST. GEORGE, UT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 27, 2006 -- CyberKey Corporation (OTC: CYKC) is pleased to announce that CEO Jim Plant has been featured in an interview with "The CyberKey™ has been designed to be a solution for the niche markets and their specific problems. We've spent a lot of time developing the unique suite of security features that make the CyberKey™ the most secure USB flash drive available on the market today," stated Jim Plant, CEO of CyberKey Corporation.

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Bad Block Memory Management (BBMM) and Error Correcting Code (ECC) -- ECC employs statistical analysis to reconstruct missing or corrupted data. While highly effective, ECC performs best when corrupted data strings are short. BBMM dynamically analyzes the memory area to be written to before each "save" command is executed. Bad memory blocks are identified and avoided, yielding the best data reliability available in the flash memory business. BBMM is a proprietary CyberKey feature.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) -- This feature allows users to password-protect information stored on their CyberKey device. Without the proper password, the device can be rendered unreadable to anyone who may find it or steal it. Data is encrypted before being stored on the device in accordance with the US Government 128-bit security standard. The password combinations are effectively infinite. DRM is a proprietary CyberKey feature.

Authentication -- Every CyberKey contains an eighteen-digit alphanumeric serial number. The serial number can be integrated, and used with password and credit card verification systems, to provide two-stage strong authentications. When performed at the client PC (or enhanced cash register), it becomes an ideal strong authentication mechanism for eCommerce, financial services, medical, and enterprise applications.

Software Upgradeable -- With USB specifications improving the speed of data transmission (v1.1 to v2.0) and technology changing, new applications are being created and supported by CyberKey. This evolution means that new solutions, applications software, device functionality upgrades, and OS enhancements can be installed onto all the CyberKey products allowing for a complete future-proof USB flash memory solution. Software upgradeability is a proprietary product of CyberKey

Surf Shield Pro -- Enables anonymous web browsing and filtering of intrusive and/or malicious code and scripts including cookies, banner ads, pop ups, and other forms of web advertising.

Virus Detection -- CyberKey works with industry-leading virus protection companies and has created CyberKey AV. This means complete protection for the CyberKey flash memory device and the host machine. CyberKey AV is available for a free and is loaded on all CyberKey devices. CyberKey's "AV" is a proprietary product of CyberKey

Application Launcher -- With CyberKey's Application Launcher, a CyberKey storage device can be set to begin booting up any executable program within fractions of a second of the time the CyberKey device is plugged into a USB port. Without Application Launcher, most operating systems instantly recognize the addition of another storage device, but must be manually prompted to start a program. Application Launcher is another CyberKey proprietary feature.

PurelyPrivate by SpyCop -- PurelyPrivate is the answer to client and business confidentiality. This program allows users of chat lines, Instant Messenger and similar services to fully encrypt every message sent to other PurelyPrivate users. No one else can read the message and the service provider will be unable to log your communications. PurelyPrivate allows you to surf the Internet anonymously. It erases your web history when you sign off. PurelyPrivate offers several other features that those responsible for compliance with HIPAA and other client confidentiality restrictions will find very useful.

Every CyberKey model is fully compliant with the upgraded USB 2.0 Standard and continues to work with the older USB standard as well. CyberKeys are available in bulk or individually packaged. Private labeling is available and all CyberKeys are available in a variety of colors.

About CyberKey Corporation

CyberKey Corporation, based in St. George, Utah, partners with industry-leading manufacturers and distributors to deliver secure USB drive-based solutions to vertical markets and content owners, service providers and resellers. CyberKey solutions solve real world issues in the entertainment, education, government, military, automotive, financial services and medical industries. CyberKey technologies allow users to securely transfer large amounts of data, files and applications software from one electronic device to another while employing a patent-pending USB-based Digital Rights Management process. CyberKey's solutions create new opportunities for existing industries and applications.

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