SOURCE: Guardian Business Solutions, Inc.

March 12, 2012 08:00 ET

Cycle Count Now on Smartphone and Tablet

BROOKFIELD, WI--(Marketwire - Mar 12, 2012) - Guardian Business Solutions, Inc. has released Cycle Count, the second in its series of Mobilize-IT™ Enterprise apps. The Cycle Count app is designed for Android devices with an iOS version due out soon. Cycle Count is an inventory control app that supports system directed cycle counting created by the enterprise system (ERP, WMS). It eliminates the need for paper count sheets with virtual inventory tags on a smart phone/tablet to make counting inventory parts fast and easy.

Mobilize-IT provides real-time use of enterprise back-office data that leverages the mobile device capabilities and improves efficiency and productivity, and provides a middleware server to handle data synchronization and application management. The enterprise cycle count inventory fields are mapped to the Mobilize-IT cycle count mapping template and the cycle count information is imported to the smartphone/tablet by the Mobilize-IT App Server (middleware). The Mobilize-IT Cycle Count app allows the user to access the inventory item count tag to verify the existing item information and to record the current count. The completed cycle count information is sent back to the middleware server and stored in the database for reporting or updating the inventory counts into the ERP or WMS system via the export mapping template.

The cycle count app server has a unit of measure conversion screen that allows the user to convert the stocking unit of measure to a counting unit of measure. When completed counts are sent back to the cycle count server, the conversion factors convert the counted unit of measure back to the stocking unit of measure for export to the back-office system. The server also has an assignment screen to filter the count selection by geographic zone or product code and to assign count groups to workers. The cycle count app displays graphical inventory tags with the item information such as part number, description, location, quantity, bin and lot number. A picture of the part can also be optionally previewed. Workers can use the app's control buttons, numeric keypad or voice recognition to enter data. Optional bar code scanning can be used to verify the part number.

Mobilize-IT apps can be priced for smaller companies. Companies would purchase the app with the middleware server and then pay a nominal fee for each additional user they need, making the system very scalable.

More information about Cycle Count or Mobilize-IT can be found at or contact Bob Lazlo, Director of Sales and Marketing -- -- 262-827-3000. Guardian Business Solutions, Inc. (GBSI) is a software development company located in Brookfield, WI that specializes in mobile applications for distribution and manufacturing. In business for 15 years, GBSI is the developer of ShopTalk™ & ShopTalk Mobile, Windows based applications for the shop floor and warehouse.

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