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June 11, 2013 19:00 ET

Cylance Extends Security Science With New APAC Office and CylanceCOLLECT Forensics

Australia Office Opening Brings Regional Cybersecurity Expertise and Essential Forensics Tool

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwired - Jun 11, 2013) - Cylance, Inc., a global cybersecurity technology and services company applying science to security, today announced the opening of its APAC office in Sydney, Australia. The office, headed by APAC GM Paul Wilcox, joins a very dedicated team of industry leaders, with backgrounds in government, military, critical infrastructure and private sector, collaborating to advance Cylance's mission to protect customers from advanced cyber threats when today's network and operations infrastructure is often protected by flawed security.

"Our expansion to APAC and recent discovery of Google Australia's Industrial Control System vulnerability highlights that all countries and the most secure of companies are exposed," said Stuart McClure, CEO/President of Cylance. "Cylance's unique approach is called Presponse -- to prevent a need for response -- that exposes compromises, fixes problem areas and predicts the next area of attack. Brining this methodology to APAC will help protect the region's critical infrastructure and key resources impacting its economic and social welfare."

Wilcox will immediately introduce Cylance's Presponse Professional Security Services and a unique set of advanced threat and forensics technologies and threat intelligence reports to the area. Cylance Presponse provides advanced threat product and services incorporating intelligence reports, compromise assessments, incident response, forensics, security design and build architectures to identify and guard the complete organization, from distributed systems to industrial controls. Cylance threat intelligence is powered by a cloud based, non-signature, non-heuristic and non-behavioral engine that detects and blocks attacks through advanced mathematical analysis and machine learning -- identifying good from bad. The technologies include home grown as well as packaged offerings that enable quick detection, discovery, collection and remediation of threats. Two main technologies and service areas include CylanceCollect and PresponseICS (Industrial Control Systems) Compromise Assessment.

An industry first, initially introduced in America, CylanceCOLLECT is information security's easiest evidence collection software that can be used anywhere, by anyone regardless of technical background. CylanceCOLLECT allows for simple, low cost full forensic collections through a portable drive, capable of collecting from laptops, desktops and even servers. The pre-packaged combination of industry-standard, open-source and proprietary techniques enables thorough and complete copy of all files including local email, images, sound and video as well as free slack and unallocated space anywhere, anytime, without concern for data loss or extra spend on technical resources and man-hours.

While most data collection forensic solutions are cumbersome and require a skilled forensic investigator or IT administrator to properly configure and execute complicated tools, both experienced personnel and users with no training can use CylanceCOLLECT for evidence collection associated with computer investigations, electronic discovery, data recovery and data preservation in a legally sound, secure and defensible manner. CylanceCOLLECT's soundness and simplicity saves resources by taking costly and inefficient travel by forensic analysts out of the equation.

CylanceCOLLECT's key features include:

  • Captures full forensic image from computers in both a live and powered off state.
  • Supports collection on Windows, Mac and Linux as well as RAID configurations on servers.
  • Automatic TrueCrypt encryption ensures confident data shipment and transportation anywhere in the world.
  • Inherently maintains chain of custody through 256 bit secure encryption and documented distribution and capture processes.
  • Uses standard 'dd' format, a widely acceptable forensics format that is cross-compatible with other forensics software for easy interoperability.
  • Logs all processes, system information, make, model, serial number and size of devices.
  • Automatically images attached physical device (thumb drives, USB, external hard drives).
  • MD5 hash of source and images for verification purposes.
  • Pre-bundled HBGary's FDPro Memory Collection tool captures volatile RAM automatically.
  • Professional Service support for large collection management, analysis, litigation holds and expert witness services.

In May, Cylance responsibly reported the exposure of Google's Industrial Control System exposure to hackers after discovering its vulnerability. This same experience is not limited to big companies, but all organizations which rely on control systems to automate their buildings and operational infrastructure. Cylance is a globally recognized expert in this niche area. Many of its technical consultants come directly from the United States Department of Homeland Security, FBI, NSA and are authors of US-CERT ICS bulletins and reports. Cylance brings the Presponse Compromise Assessment for ICS to APAC in order to close a major exposure to hackers.

Security assessments can uncover flaws and incident response/forensics will reveal when those flaws have been exploited, and Presponse(SM) blends the two together to be truly Predictive, Preventative and Pre-incident. It will help you understand how you'll be compromised BEFORE it happens. Cylance's Presponse(SM) services take a proactive, holistic approach to security based on advanced pre-detection of an attack.

"Security is an industry full of new threats, problems and vulnerabilities, but you hear little in the way of new forms of defense," said Wilcox, GM APAC and Japan. "Cylance is not satisfied with the current model and waiting for a successful attack to diagnose a cure. I'm excited to bring our new mindset to APAC which will help our regional partners protect themselves and respond to incidents like never before."

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