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March 10, 2011 14:26 ET

Cymphonix Network Composer Keeps Network Administrators Sane During March Madness

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - March 10, 2011) - In 2009, 8.6 million viewers streamed live video of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, a 25% increase from the year prior. In 2010, viewership exploded 36% to 11.7 million viewers. This year, with March Madness On Demand adding broadcast capabilities to smartphones and mobile devices like the iPad, viewing is expected to grow almost 50%. As exciting as the technology is to college basketball fans, the sheer bandwidth required to view these games has the potential to crush businesses' network performance, not to mention employee productivity. In response, today Cymphonix announced a series of events taking place throughout the country aimed at helping network administrators respond to the coming onslaught.

"Around March, it's almost a tradition that we see an increase in calls from people who've realized their networks may not be prepared for what's around the corner. We love taking these calls, because it shows some real savvy out there around the limits of traditional filtering modeled solely around 'block and allow,'" said Brent Nixon, President and CEO of Cymphonix. "They typically come to us for help shaping bandwidth and prioritizing traffic -- basically looking for methods to keep March Madness viewing in check."

To more efficiently field the increase in queries on the topic, this year Cymphonix is working with its channel partners to host a series of seminars called, "March Madness without the Network Madness: How to Keep from Going Crazy During the NCAA Tournament." The goal of the seminar is to help organizations understand the implications March Madness will have on the entire organization, particularly on their network, and to cover proactive methods for getting control before the start of the games.

"Obviously, employees watching the NCAA tournament online can't be productive. What businesses sometimes don't realize though, is that these employees also directly affect the productivity of every other employee, because their bandwidth usage competes with the bandwidth that's critical to business operations," Nixon stated. "At the end of the quarter, when comes to a crawl because of March Madness, you can be sure senior management is going to be asking some very pointed and difficult questions of their technical people."

Parties interested in attending the events or learning more about the topic are encouraged to contact their Cymphonix reseller or to contact Cymphonix directly at 801 938-1500.

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