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December 18, 2008 07:17 ET

Cymphonix Replaces Additional Bandwidth, Builds VoIP Success for Construction Equipment Dealer

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - December 18, 2008) - Cymphonix today announced that Kirby-Smith Machinery, a leading construction equipment dealer of cranes and heavy equipment for contractors in the central United States, has installed the award-winning Cymphonix Network Composer appliance to manage network traffic and successfully enable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) use across its five locations in North Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri and Southern Illinois.

Kirby-Smith Machinery had been using Websense's SurfControl as an online content filter, but the product became overloaded almost daily from the amount of traffic on the company's network. When it ultimately failed, SurfControl left gaping holes in the organization's Internet monitoring capabilities and access controls. The volume of network traffic became so heavy that complaints about the inefficiency of their VoIP service flooded the IT department.

With many members of management suggesting an additional bandwidth upgrade, the IT department opted to initiate an investigation on network usage. Via an open source tool monitoring bandwidth consumption, Kirby-Smith Machinery found that users accessing non-work related Web content throughout the day impeded network speeds and limited bandwidth available for VoIP and other business-critical applications. Once management saw where the network resources were being consumed, they opted to forego an increase in bandwidth and instead invest in a solution with the ability to fully manage and prioritize Web traffic.

"Choosing to manage our bandwidth instead of investing in another T1 connection has proven to be a viable solution for our lagging network speeds," said William Graham, IT administrator for Kirby-Smith Machinery. "The biggest benefit has been the ability to throttle and control Internet traffic so that our VoIP system doesn't get overrun. We've given VoIP top priority within our network and effectively resolved our issues and eliminated user complaints across our organization."

Kirby-Smith Machinery also found added value in the appliance's granular reporting tool. Cymphonix Network Composer revealed that a large percentage of employees were abusing their access to the Web by spending excessive amounts of time on sports-related websites. This information was used to implement shaping rules specific to this type of traffic ultimately reducing the negative impact these sites had on the network.

"The Cymphonix Network Composer is extremely easy to install and use," continued Graham. "I can quickly pull and forward reports to our human resource department and department managers so they can review the information and take necessary disciplinary action if needed. It has eliminated the stress on our management staff because they no longer have to manually monitor employee activity now that we have a reliable device to do it for us."

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