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April 07, 2014 09:00 ET

Cytta CEO Announces Advanced Connectivity With Compression and Encryption for Multiple Verticals

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Apr 7, 2014) - Cytta Corp.'s (OTCQB: CYCA) CEO, Gary Campbell is pleased to provide the following quarterly report to all shareholders updating the Company's business operations, personnel and partnership activities in the First Quarter of 2014.

Dear Cytta Corp. Shareholders and Supporters:

The mobile Healthcare market has continued evolving in the recent Quarter consistent with our strategic plan and the rollout of the Affordable Care Act. Discussions with numerous industry leading organizations, both private and governmental, continue at many levels.

And while the revolutionary nature of our model requires potential partners to be prepared to rethink the remote monitoring paradigm, experience now shows the Cytta Connect platform to be the only open data transmission platform having special unlocked smartphone benefits unique to the communications and remote monitoring industries. Our open source system gives the consumer, industry and government huge new potential to implement technological innovation through our smarter smartphones.

Following up on my December 16th, 2013 summary, I wanted to share the impressive advances made by our team and partners during the First Quarter of 2014. Truly, we have gone beyond expectations in securing broader connectivity partnerships ranging from an expanded relationship with AT&T, to the integration of CIFF's highly advanced compression technologies. Also as a result of industry overtures; we recently announced the expansion of our Special Purpose Network into a designated Oil & Gas vertical.

Refining our model has allowed us to utilize the Cytta Connect ecosystem in multiple vertical markets. Relying on our current technology, we are now designing real-time connectivity and transmission solutions through our Cytta Labs division at the behest of several different parties in multiple industries. Immediate work in these verticals has led to the recently announced relationships in both Healthcare and Oil & Gas. We anticipate entering several more verticals where our technology will be paired with other industry leading monitoring technologies.

Our targeted Healthcare solution is Cytta's signature development and affords government, industry, healthcare providers, caregivers and patients full control and access to their remotely generated health and wellness data. No other monitoring system provides real-time connectivity to anyone, anywhere and anytime!

We are very excited that our solution will soon support and protect our nation's First Responders who risk their lives in emergency situations. Cytta is developing a Mobile Mesh Network of Awareness (MMNA) by utilizing the infield processing power of its smarter smartphone. This system of connectivity expands beyond our terrestrial cellular and WiFi mobile capability to include satellite capability everywhere in conjunction with forensic view, low latency data compression.

Combined, these developments represent substantial enhancements to our open source Mobile Data Distribution platform and ecosystem. Additionally, we have been fortunate to have several remarkable individuals join the Cytta team as Officers and Advisors.

Joining the Cytta team in this area is Mr. Michael Collins, who in addition to his substantial expertise in the First Responder field, provides a robust skill set in general network connectivity, compression and encryption. Mr. Collins will assume the position of Vice President for Connectivity, responsible for designing connectivity systems for Cytta clients, as well as coordinating the integration of the CIFF compression technology in all vertical markets.

With our new partner, CIFF Business Enterprises, Cytta will implement CIFF's specialized compression technology in Healthcare. However the applications for this paradigm shifting technology apply to all vertical markets. To this end, Cytta Corp. has signed a joint venture agreement with CIFF Business Enterprises the official supplier of both the CIFF compression technology and the Crypto Logica encryption technology.

The CIFF System utilizes multi-threaded Video Image Compression, which truly represents the next-generation in compression technology. The CIFF technology comprises many developed and integrated technologies for video and image delivery. The CIFF technology is a new paradigm in compression and delivers features and capabilities that are unattainable by any other image/video compression technology. We are excited to be able to partner with this world class team.

As previously announced vertical applications for customers of the new Cytta Oil & Gas Division will utilize our open data transmission platform coupled with strategic industry monitoring technology partners like MachLink Corp. The Cytta O&G solution will employ MachLink's intelligent video analytics monitoring solutions for industrial monitoring and surveillance applications.

Their monitoring technology automatically detects threats and hazards at the wellhead. When combined with the Cytta Connect real time reporting to our cloud based Industrial Data Repository (IDR), will allow operators to quickly respond to any situation. This automatic and cloud based O&G data repository and reporting system is easily customized to fit with any producers' information requirements through the use of the Cytta Cloud Engine.

Lastly we have been very fortunate to expand upon our existing global M2M relationship with AT&T to be able to offer even more advanced and disruptive connectivity solutions. Because of these major advances in our relationship we are now using AT&T both domestically and internationally as our master global mobile partner. The old 2G 'domestic only' Vonify system became unworkable and their equity consideration was eliminated.


Cytta is also pleased to announce that Rear Admiral James B. ("Gib") Godwin III (USN; ret.) has accepted appointment to Cytta's Advisory Board. Admiral Godwin's military career spanned 33 years, including service as the Navy's first Program Executive Officer, Enterprise Information Systems. In that capacity he managed the largest IT services contract in the world with expenditures exceeding $1.4 billion per year. He is a decorated Naval Aviator with more than 4500 flight hours in numerous Carrier Air Wings and Carrier Strike Groups.

Following his retirement from the Navy, Admiral Godwin has served in a variety of senior executive positions in the private sector, including Vice President, Cybersecurity, Northrop Grumman Corp., where he was responsible for emerging cyber technology development and systems integration of product offerings, including integrating products that required multi-faceted hardware, software and security solutions, as well as introducing cutting edge HD video compression technology. 

Cytta is further pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. John P. Mayo to its Advisory Board. Mr. Mayo is CEO of Surface Sensing Technologies, LLC, which is commercializing a medical diagnostic technology invented by Mr. Mayo and scientists at Vanderbilt University. Mr. Mayo also serves as Vice President of As Is, LLC, an Open Source Information Technology company. He is the co-developer of an architecture for database management of medical records and Healthcare information.

His distinguished business career has also involved the energy and natural resources sector, including service as the Founder and largest shareholder of Geoscience Innovations, LLC, which develops new technologies in water, oil, and gas production enhancement.

Cytta is delighted to welcome Admiral Godwin and Mr. Mayo to Cytta and its Advisory Board.


The Cytta Connect platform is a market ready solution for today's remote monitoring connectivity needs. We are positioning our systems to provide numerous industries a mechanism for cost savings, data outreach, and instantaneous proactive action. Cytta is the neural network for the 'Internet of Things.'

The way forward for Cytta is clear. We are continuing to develop our unique data transmission platform to demonstrate corporate value in intellectual property, collaborative partnerships, as well as revenue and profits. To win in the market, Cytta will always seek forward thinking industrial organizations, channel distribution partners and creative joint venture programs to introduce our system to the market and augment our sales and marketing operations.

Cytta is foremost an open technology platform for mobile data transmission and we encourage new uses for the previously unforeseen coupling of these technologies to create exciting new markets for its use.

To be successful in our objectives we must continue to urge and educate existing industries to creatively imagine and implement our systems by patiently showing how we can solve their existing problems and move them towards their best possible future. We ourselves must continue to strive to build a sustainable open data transmission platform and technology licensing company. Building ever greater networks of innovation and creation will provide lasting value to our customers, to our shareholders and hopefully to the world at large.

Thank you for your ongoing support and we all look forward to a successful Year.

About Cytta Corp.

Cytta Corp. is an open source remote monitoring connectivity platform known for its highly scalable and secure Healthcare licensing solutions. We are now offering the Cytta Connect technology to the Oil & Gas industry and will make available our remote data capture highway that connects monitoring devices seamlessly to an Online Industrial Data Repository (IDR). Our remote data capture system works over our Special Purpose Network, a proprietary Global Mobile, Satellite, WiFi open source network, and Cloud-based data repository that automatically connects all remote monitoring devices to Cytta's open source IDR creating real time communication for the Oil & Gas industry with world leading compression heretofore unavailable in the market.

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