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December 16, 2013 09:30 ET

Cytta CEO Announces Great Strides in Satellite and Platform Network Connectivity

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Dec 16, 2013) - Cytta Corp.'s (OTCQB: CYCA) CEO, Gary Campbell is pleased to share the following open letter to all shareholders. The letter provides an update on Cytta Corp. business operations and partnership activities in conjunction with future plans for making the Company a success in the last month of 2013, in 2014 and beyond.

Dear Cytta Corp. Shareholders and Supporters;

Let me take this opportunity to share with you the tremendous progress of Cytta this past year and the exciting enhancements to Cytta Connect our open source Mobile data distribution Platform. We have unlocked greater capabilities, created easier connectivity and generated global partnerships that are yielding a uniquely scalable platform with no competitor in sight!

The mobile healthcare market has evolved remarkably in the past two years, consistent with our strategic plan. Experience now shows the Cytta Connect platform as the only open data transmission platform with special unlocked benefits giving the consumer, industry and government unprecedented access to technological innovation through our smarter smartphones. 

Our targeted healthcare solution is Cytta's signature development and affords government, healthcare providers, caregivers and patients' full control and access to their remotely generated health and wellness data. This system of unlocked connectivity will soon expand beyond our earthly cellular and WIFI mobile capability to include Satellite capability everywhere.

You will recall our President, Erik Stephansen, describing Cytta's technological capabilities as "Shooting for the Stars and delivering the Moon" to represent Cytta's can-do attitude. Truly, our initial agreement with Satellite partner, Home2Phone, LLC, an ORBCOMM ( domestic and international partner, pairs Cytta's proprietary smartphone distribution platform with very sophisticated technologies from Space! 

In addition, we are leading the pack to lower costs and create instant global access by conjoining a superior and disruptive data compression technology for a full, turnkey solution. Our new partner, CIFF Business Enterprises, is allowing Cytta to implement this brilliant compression technology and we are already exploring markets beyond healthcare for this technology.

Cytta's unlocked and open source, global data distribution network creates a first-of-its-kind solution that we will bring to the healthcare market in 2014, and expand it into other industry applications beyond 2014. We are also engaged in discussions with interested parties from Mining, Oil & Gas, and Logistics companies regarding pilot programs.


Cytta enjoyed a lot of new interest and attention from Government, Academia and the Health Industry during 2013. As a result, we gained support from new Advisors eager to help contribute to our programs. To that end, we are very pleased to congratulate William E. Casselman, II, J.D., on joining the Board of Advisors of the Company as Chairman. Mr. Casselman's leadership in International Trade, Law and Government is renowned. For Cytta, he is managing and expanding our Board of Advisors by attracting some of the brightest and relevant minds available today. We would also like to specifically acknowledge our Advisors Mr. Van Hipp Jr. J.D. (, Mr. Zvi Huber B.Sc., M.Sc. (, and Mr. Sunil K. Pai, CPA, CFA ( for their personal efforts this year on Cytta's behalf. Please take a look at our updated website for a list of these exceptional people and their backgrounds. We are very proud that so many have joined together to pursue a common goal.


Beyond the several new agreements and partnerships that give Cytta its market advantage, we are also excited to recognize another year of successful integration by our very limited but highly capable technical team. They initiated and developed a specific consumer strategy and product suite that complements our Cytta Connect enterprise solution. Together, these two solutions capture all of today's healthcare requirements and they set the stage for Cytta's market dominance as our industry matures.

Investor Relations

And last but definitely not least, the Company is very excited that Nevada based, Constellation Asset Advisors, Inc. ( has agreed to become Cytta's investor relations firm.

Constellation Asset Advisors, Inc. (CAA) is a multi-faceted equity markets consulting firm. The senior principals of CAA have been engaged in private equity since 1985 and together have over 50 years of experience in strategic planning and investor communications. CAA provides advisory services to dynamic small and mid-sized companies and has worked with clients in the energy, specialty chemicals, high-technology and health care sectors.

CAA seeks to bring its services and expertise to publicly traded entities as well as provide advisory services on acquisition and merger management, capital investment, turnarounds and a myriad of other business transactions. CAA brings further value by using its multi-market experience and top-level strategic alliances to bring together unique, undervalued assets with groups that can most efficiently capitalize on them. CAA focuses on established, long term partnerships and business arrangements with the best companies and partners in their respective markets.

In Summary

The Cytta Connect platform is a market ready solution for today's healthcare needs and we are positioning our systems to provide the healthcare industry a mechanism for cost, savings, patient outreach, and proactive care, with an exceptional new partner ready to help tell our story. Truly, our pilot studies confirm the financial and patient drivers for healthcare insurance providers (IPs) and hospitals to adopt our products and services. But two major forces are converging beyond those: (1) the need for IPs & hospitals to market to their patients, potential patients and to enlist caregivers in their region and (2) the transition to wellness and well care in a proactive, patient-centered healthcare system where patients and their employers take more responsibility in coordinating and directing their health and care.

Cytta's immediate results and longer-term strategy map are focused on these market drivers that will evolve from forces such as mobile connectivity to a transformed medical model. Patients, payers and employer groups will drive healthcare providers to change their reactive delivery model to a proactive, technology-enhanced solution. Cytta envisions its total array of customers to include these patients, health insurers, employer groups, and Government in transformative collaboration for optimal health and wellness, as well as better health care in America and, ultimately, internationally.

For us, the way forward for Cytta is clear. We are continuing to develop our unique data transmission platform that creates healthier outcomes and to demonstrate corporate value in intellectual property, collaborative partnerships, as well as fundamentals, revenue and profit. We are also continuing to seek channel distribution partners and options to augment our sales and marketing programs. And, we are exploring opportunities to quickly enter the rapidly emerging personalized health market by opening our platform to products that are based on technologies as compelling as our own. We continue to strive to build a sustainable emerging growth company that provides lasting value to our customers and to you, our shareholders.

Thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to a successful New Year.

Mr. Stuart Brame VP,
Corp Information
Direct 780-833-4673
Office 702 307 1680

About Cytta Corp.

Cytta Connect is a Remote Data Capture system connecting Bluetooth devices to online Electronic Biometric Records (EBR). Our remote data capture system works over our Special Purpose Network, a proprietary Global Mobile, Satellite, WiFi open source network, and Cloud-based data Repository, that connects all Bluetooth medical and wellness devices to Cytta's open source EBR.

Our open source EBR is for use by patients, doctors, caregivers, health insurers (Professional Care) with our reprogrammed Cytta smartphones, and any wellness or fitness user (Consumer) with any Cellular Carrier's smartphone. We serve two very large markets: 1) Professional Care (FDA approved medical devices) Utilizing FDA approved Bluetooth peripherals and our specially programmed unlocked smartphones and provides care for the chronically ill who need to be remotely monitored. Caregivers have diagnostic capability using our Instant EBR and secure biometric data transfers via Cytta's Special Purpose Network. We interconnect patients, their data and caregivers. 2) Consumer Wellness: Automatically connects all Bluetooth devices and works with any Mobile Carrier's smartphone and leverages our proprietary Universal Bluetooth Platform and Instant EBR to support all Wellness & Fitness consumers.

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