SOURCE: Cytta Corp.

September 08, 2010 09:30 ET

Cytta Delivers First Major Proposal for Remote Medical Monitoring System

PALM DESERT, CA--(Marketwire - September 8, 2010) -  Cytta Corp's (OTCBB: CYCA) CEO Stephen Spalding is pleased to announce that, after a series of well received presentations and demonstrations, Cytta has been invited to provide its first major proposal to a major healthcare payor/provider to develop an individualized monitoring system. The proposal is designed to use the MedApps technology to allow them to better manage their members at home. We will be delivering several other formal proposals in the near future to other similar entities, as we move towards implementation and installation of our first major orders this Fall.

Installing the MedApps wireless technology in a healthcare provider member's home promotes member independence, while ensuring compliance with the medical treatment plan and helps to build better relationships between the member and the healthcare provider. Additionally, given the low cost and simplicity of use, it is easy to demonstrate tangible savings and a dramatic return on investment (ROI) generated by the implementation of this remarkable technology.

The Cytta proposals are designed to provide a leading edge and scalable telemonitoring solution to enhance the implementation of an individualized health monitoring system.

Our proposals utilize the MedApps Remote Patient Monitoring System to provide the following key features:

  • The MedApps HealthPAL is the utilized as the data aggregator. This is a Bluetooth/Cell-enabled medical monitoring device. A USB wire/connector can also be utilized with this device. The device can be charged directly.
  • The HealthPal works with several FDA approved devices and instruments. These instruments include Blood Pressure Monitors (BlueTooth), Weight/Scales (BlueTooth), Glucometers and the Pulse Oximeters (BlueTooth). In the next 90 days, we will be adding many new wireless models and new types of monitoring instruments such as PT/INR, mobile ECG, Spirometer, Peak Flow and other devices.
  • Product kits are scalable and can be used to support patients with Diabetes, Hypertension, Congestive Heart Failure, CAD and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in the future by adding the necessary medical monitoring.
  • The MedApps HealthCOM system can be the repository for data to be integrated into other health record systems, such as NextGen, Microsoft HealthVault, Google Health, EPIC, SPINN, Allscripts and Eclipsys. 
  • Customers may choose to provide the approved medical devices and the personnel for the monitoring service for user interface.

This Remote Patient Monitoring system is FDA approved, FCC approved, ISO13485 certified, AT&T certified, Verizon certified and IEEE1725 certified.

EHR/PHR/EMR System Support

The HealthCom system supports connectivity to various EHR/PHR/EMR (electronic health record/personal health record/electronic medical record) systems and is ready to support these systems on any of the options available. The HealthCOM system can currently send data to a variety of enterprise level EHRs, for example, EPIC, NextGen, Allscripts, Microsoft HealthVault and Google Health. MedApps is capable of sending data to specific EMRs designated by the customer.

Products and Services are Fully Scalable and Designed to Allow Rapid Growth:

MedApps product assembly, electrical test and functional test processes are performed in an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified facility in Arizona. All processes are fully documented and have been audited. The firmware and software architecture has been specifically designed for scalability to allow additional server capacity as needed.

Pricing and Delivery:

Delivery is currently eight to ten weeks from date of purchase with future lead times based on forecast inputs. Several innovative pricing models are currently offered. However, the basic model relies upon charging the payor on a pm/pm (per member/per month) basis. This model provides a measurable stream of savings to the payor and long term fixed revenue stream to Cytta and their partners. Contracts are generally entered into for a minimum of three years.

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