August 09, 2011 07:00 ET

Cyviz Grand Re-Opening of the CTC™ (Cyviz Technology Center), Washington, DC

The CTC Washington, DC Will Feature Two New Solutions From Planar Systems for Customers Who Require Modular Flat Panel Displays

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - Aug 9, 2011) - Cyviz, a global leader in collaborative telepresence and command and control solutions, will have the Grand Re-opening of its 7,000 square foot showroom known as the CTC™ (Cyviz Technology Center) in Washington, DC. The Grand Re-opening will feature five complete Cyviz solutions for command and control, high resolution, executive conference rooms and 3-D environments. Each solution incorporates Collaborative Telepresence and is named after a famous President.

Collaborative Telepresence (CTP) enables more powerful decisions because video conferencing, business data, television, live satellite and other visual sources can be simultaneously displayed on either a blended-wall solution or on any combination of flat panels. The ability to dynamically display these 'sources' on walls of any size without programming is a hallmark of the Cyviz technology. Each solution at the Cyviz CTC™ incorporates technology from Cisco, Projection Design, Planar, Bose and NVIDIA. And no matter which solution a customer chooses, it maintains a COE (common operating environment), which is easy to use. This COE reduces training costs and enables a lower total cost of ownership.

"It was really a matter of seeking to expand the choices we offer our customers," says Jeff Eisenhard, Vice President of the Americas for Cyviz. "In some cases, a particular room was too small for projection technology or the customer required flat panels to be incorporated into a blended wall solution. We tested a variety of flat panels and came to the conclusion the Planar Clarity Matrix was the best LCD/LED monitor on the market due to its ultra-thin bezel, HD resolution, lack of noise and mission-critical design." Cyviz will showcase the CP2 with 4 MPx of resolution (two 55 inch monitors side by side) in the Madison room, and the CP6 with 12 MPx of resolution (three monitors wide by two monitors height) in the Roosevelt room. These rooms will also include Cyviz intelligent PiP technology to make CTP experience much easier.

In addition to the solutions incorporating Planar, there are three other solutions, (1) Kennedy Room - a true command and control room featuring a 14 MPx blended wall solution on a glass screen 20 feet wide by 6 feet high with flat panels operating as Targets, (2) Jefferson Room - an impressive 4 MPx passive stereo 3-D room, with unique rotated projectors for more vertical pixels, and (3) Lincoln Room - an ideal Commander's or Executive blended wall conference room called the Cyviz C1 having 4 MPx of resolution.

During the Grand Re-opening, Eirik Simonsen, the Chief Technology Officer of Cyviz will demonstrate CTP live. He will focus on the CDC (Cyviz Display Controller) software and its ability to operate in a distributed environment, and he will also showcase the unique KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) feature of the CDC. This KVM feature allows the user to access multiple PiPs on any blended wall or flat panel solution remotely. Other speakers include, Anthony Ware, Manager of Cisco Telepresence, Karl Hantho, President of Americas for Projection Design, Steve Seminario, Product Manager Planar, and Guy Purser, Chief Operating Officer, Secutor Systems.

About Cyviz:
Cyviz is a premium manufacturer of display walls for collaborative telepresence and command and control environments. With over 13 years of experience, Cyviz serves global customers in the Defense, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Life Science industries that seek to improve their information workflow for more powerful decision-making. Cyviz is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway with its US Headquarters in Washington, DC. Cyviz also has offices in Houston, TX and Dubai, UAE. Cyviz is located at Two Potomac Yard, 2733 Crystal Drive, Suite 800, Arlington, VA. For more information, please visit or contact Rachel Nasr,, 703-416-7090.

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