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January 04, 2011 10:00 ET

Dahn Yoga Benefits: Helps Man Manage Diabetes & Improve Body Awareness

SEDONA, AZ--(Marketwire - January 4, 2011) -  When Glen Leach was originally diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 10 years ago, he first attempted to regulate the condition through exercise and prescription medication. Until he started practicing Dahn Yoga, though, he felt that the disease was largely out of his control. Today he manages his condition primarily by eating nutritious foods and practicing Dahn Yoga.

When Leach started taking pills to regulate his blood sugar, he experienced side effects that made him gain weight. Several years earlier, he had watched his brother die from diabetes complications at the young age of 37. Leach was determined not to follow the same path. He tried exercising more to prevent weight gain, but his body continued to pack on unwanted pounds.

In May 2008, Glen attended a Dahn Yoga seminar that changed his life. Through regular practice, Leach found that he could lower his blood sugar while taking fewer prescription pills. Practicing Dahn Yoga also helped him change his relationship with food. Rather than using food as a form of entertainment, he began to see it as fuel for his body.

Over time, a regular exercise routine that included 20 to 30 minutes of Dahn Yoga stretching helped Glen lower his body fat as well as maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Regular practice also put him into closer contact with his body. Now he can tell whether his blood sugar has gone too high or low simply by paying attention to the way that his body feels.

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Dahn Yoga is a rapidly growing holistic health program that integrates deep stretching exercises and meditative breathing techniques with energy awareness practice. For many people, it offers physical and mental benefits that include managing diabetes better as well as other health conditions. To find a Dahn Yoga center near you, visit