March 28, 2006 08:00 ET

DailyCD -- First Ever Daily Music E-Newsletter Quickly Becoming Authority

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 28, 2006 -- DailyCD ( is a unique, free e-newsletter that features some of the world's most distinctive music. The first interest-specific daily newsletter to focus on music in a "daily" style that is already proving to be a success, DailyCD registered over 20,000 subscribers within the first three weeks of launching. With a staff of experienced musicologists and music journalists, DailyCD delivers to the subscriber's e-mail box an in-depth, thoughtful feature article on one album every weekday, with links to online music clips. The albums that are written about are selected for their quality and individuality, ranging from recent "The Greatest," (2006) by indie darling Cat Power to Herbie Hancock's classic "Inventions and Dimensions" (1963). DailyCD introduces people to great musical artists and albums they may be unaware of and to assemble the "ultimate" music collection.

Co-founder and CEO of DailyCD, Scott Blum, is a pioneer in the Interactive music industry who had previously founded iMusic, one of the first music Web sites ever. iMusic, which was later bought by Apple, was one of the first sites to broadcast music over the Internet and to create an online community that enabled like-minded people to interact; a forerunner of MySpace.

Although DailyCD's primary goal is to turn people onto music, the e-newsletter has also helped increase the sales of more obscure albums on such Web sites as As recently as March 13, DailyCD showed its influence by featuring a lesser-known album, "Darkwood" by David Darling, which had been ranked below 18,000 on Within a few hours of DailyCD's article posting, the CD rose to 232 in the sales rankings. "DailyCD provides exposure to an eclectic mix of the best music in existence, selected by people with great taste," explained Blum. "It's a way to discover music that you probably wouldn't find on your own."

DailyCD embraces the entirety of an album, rather than focusing on just a single song. "I love great albums, where one song leads to the next," commented Blum. "With DailyCD, we hope to re-acquaint people with the art of an album of songs that work together to take you on a musical journey."

By covering music with a broad appeal that spans the years from the 1920s to the present, DailyCD helps consumers be "in the know." The e-newsletter covers most music genres, including indie rock, jazz, world, soul, folk, singer-songwriter, blues, rock, instrumental and several other types of music, while offering friendly musical kinship with the "DailyCD Community." There is even a section called "Nice People You Can Meet," which encourages music enthusiasts to post their photos, write their own music reviews and exchange information. Music can be downloaded or forwarded to others, and the CDs can be purchased.

DailyCD is projected to reach a subscriber base well into the millions within the next couple of years, as the popularity of the interest-specific daily newsletter continues to grow.

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