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Daisy Group plc

October 26, 2011 06:00 ET

Daisy Group Supports Data Centre Alliance

NELSON, ENGLAND--(Marketwire - Oct. 26, 2011) - Daisy Group plc, a leading provider of unified communications including mobile, systems, data and broadband for businesses, has become a founding member of the Data Centre Alliance (DCA), a professional association for the data centre industry. Along with a collection of other industry leaders, Daisy Group plc has come together to form the alliance, with the view of setting standards for the data centre industry.

As the number of online-exclusive businesses continues to rise and adoption of cloud-based technologies rapidly increases, there is now more demand than ever for measurable data centre guidelines. As the first of its kind, the DCA will work to define the different levels of data centres and establish standards for the industry to follow.

Taking into consideration the site's security, cooling design and fault management, each data centre will be certified by a 'Type' ranging from 1.0 to 4.0 as follows:

  • DCA Certified Type 1.0 - Non dedicated site (e.g. office server room) with limited redundant components with best practice data centre management

  • DCA Certified Type 2.0 Data Centre - redundant power, cooling and connectivity components with best practice data centre management

  • DCA Certified Type 3.0 Data Centre - concurrently maintainable infrastructure with best practice data centre management

  • DCA Certified Type 4.0 Data Centre - fault tolerant infrastructure with best practice data centre management

From its own three highly monitored data centre in Manchester, London and Southampton; Daisy provides hosting, co-location and cloud-based services for as much data as the customer wishes to store. This can include internal data, websites and IT infrastructure.

Andrew Lockwood, Daisy Group's Commercial Director for Data says: "We are delighted to be involved in such an important industry organisation. Daisy originally started as a traditional lines and calls business, and that is what we became renowned for, but as technology has progressed we know the future lies with data. Our aim is to be just as successful in the data industry and we hope that being a founding member of the DCA will help us achieve that."

Andrew Lockwood continued: "Every condition must be considered – from the correct temperature of the room, to the accessibility of the hosting room itself. And for e-commerce businesses especially, their website is their business. They need to be able to trust their data centre. By providing security and conditions of a recognised standard, the DCA will offer businesses reassurance that their data is in safe hands."

Simon Campbell-Whyte, DCA Executive Director said: "We extend a huge welcome to Daisy Group and are delighted to have them on-board as both a founding and Partner member. All our members are encouraged to, and do actively contribute towards our standards development through editorial contribution, event participation and continual PR and we look forward to Daisy Group being an integral part of this continual programme."

Additional granularity has been built into the DCA assessment and certification system so a data centre can be certified as a Type 2.5 or 3.5 data centre for example. It will also be entirely possible to have a truly recognised Type 4 data centres in the UK and EU.

For more information on the Group please visit www.daisygroupplc.com.

About Daisy plc

Daisy Group plc (AIM:DAY) is a leading provider of unified communications to business customers.

The Group provides unified communications across a product portfolio including data, mobile, systems, maintenance and voice, offering an end to end solution for all business communications needs.

For more information on the Group please visit www.daisygroupplc.com.

About Data Centre Alliance (DCA)

The Data Centre Alliance is a not-for-profit professional association comprising of Industry leaders and experts from across the data centre sector. The DCA is committed to capturing the best expertise and experience from across the industry for developing standards and guidelines for data centre design, construction and operation. In addition, the DCA is also dedicated to developing programmes of research and innovation to ensure the future health, growth and sustainability of the industry. Membership is open to all operators of data centres and server rooms, however large or small, and organisations that supply the industry with products and services.

For more details on The Data Centre Alliance, visit www.datacentrealliance.org.

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