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August 28, 2007 09:00 ET

Dakshidin Corporation and RESTEC International Inc. Overview and Strategy

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - August 28, 2007) - Dakshidin Corporation (PINKSHEETS: DKSC) ( and its wholly owned subsidiary RESTEC International Inc. manufacture and sell the world's most powerful water pumping windmill. Their focus is on sales to governments and world charities interested in solving the world's water crisis.

Dakshidin Corporation is primarily engaged in the renewable and sustainable energy market. Their first acquisition earlier this year was RESTEC International Inc. Over a period of fifteen years and $5,000,000 spent on research and development, a completely new style of windmill has been created -- the RESTEC Mark 10. This high performance water pumping windmill uses a unique rotating counterbalance system similar to pumps used in the oil industry. Consequently, it can draw water from depths of up to 4,000 feet and begins operation in wind speeds of approximately 4 MPH.

Testing of the windmill over the last few years has been carried out at Texas A&M, Lethbridge, Alberta, - Department of Agriculture and in the field in Mexico, China and Arizona. It has been documented to produce more water at a lower unit cost than any other windmill tested.

Initially, the windmill was created solely to draw water in greater amounts and from greater depths than previously possible. Approximately ten years ago, research began in the area of purifying water by means of a low pressure and low temperature flash distillation system. Research in that area continues today with the addition of a third party's work in water purification using a low pressure reverse osmosis system soon to be tested in a full scale municipal test. Both of these systems use only the power of the windmill in a total 'off-grid' fashion. Generation of utility-grade electricity is also being developed. Wind is free and plentiful as well as sustainable.

Earlier this year, management traveled to China to secure and increase manufacturing facilities for anticipated sales created by extensive marketing activities in Africa, China, India and the Caribbean. Initial results of the introduction of this new technology are overwhelming. The world water crisis has created an enormous market for the RESTEC Mark 10 windmill. The RESTEC solution does not use fossil fuels and as such is very much in line with current politically correct solutions.

Sales of the windmills are being made by a distributor network that is growing rapidly. Research and development is being further aided by scientists working for Kensam Echo-Tech Services Co. Ltd. (Kensam) in the province of Yunnan, China. Dakshidin acquired the controlling interest of this firm in July of this year.

Kensam has been operating in China for the past seven years in the Economic and Technical Services area within the energy and mineral sectors and brings significant marketing expertise as well.

Dakshidin Corporation's goal is to be able to create complete Eco-Villages that are fully self sustaining off-grid and can be shipped anywhere in the world and set up in an expeditious fashion.

September 2007 marks the beginning of a comprehensive marketing campaign to all of the UN countries as well as the setting up of dozens of demonstration windmills worldwide. The initial orders are expected to be in the thousands for the first twelve months and increasing thereafter.

At this time, Dakshidin is concentrating on preparation for this massive rollout and wishes to expand its distributor network to the four corners of the globe. Carbon credits for our windmills are also being investigated as well as a significant tax-advantaged donation schemes for individuals and corporations seeking tax relief while at the same time helping people without creating a Carbon footprint.

--  Nearly 450 million people in 29 countries currently face severe water
--  20 percent more water than is now available will be needed to feed the
    additional three billion people who will be alive by 2025.
--  As much as two-thirds of the world population could be water-stressed
    by 2025.
Dakshidin Corporation is proud to be considered a solution to the world's water crisis.

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