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October 16, 2008 09:30 ET

Dakshidin Investor Relations Reviews and Answers the Most Commonly Asked Questions From Shareholders

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - October 16, 2008) - Dakshidin Corporation (PINKSHEETS: DKSC) (FRANKFURT: 4LQ)

Mr. Brent O'Connor, Investor Relations Coordinator for DKSC, expresses rising optimism towards the company's development moving forward.

I.R. -- Reviews and Answers the most commonly asked questions from shareholders:

Q1.) Have any of Dakshidin's water pumping windmills been sold to date?

A1.) Yes, windmills are sold primarily within China and to Central America and the Caribbean and all agreed terms of payment have been met.

Shipping dates and method of transportation is at sole responsibility of the purchaser even though we are prepaid for the product, the shipping dates may not coincide with the payment date as it is up to them to arrange delivery with their shipping agent.

Q2.) Who is currently building Dakshidin's windmills?

A2.) Dakshidin is currently contracting the manufacturing of the Restec Mark 10 water pumping windmills with Jilin City Daxin Water Pumping Windmill Co., Ltd.

Q3.) When will Dakshidin own its own manufacturing facilities?

A3.) Dakshidin's majority owned subsidiary company; HKS (Wuhu) Environmental Energy Development Ltd. has signed an M.O.U to purchase 100% of Jilin City Daxin Water Pumping Windmill Co., Ltd. Final negotiations are to be completed by the year-end of 2008 pending an accounting review.

Q4.) Are there more windmill sales forecasted in the near future?

A4.) Yes, Dakshidin has entered into a signed agreement with a Provincial Government within China to deliver a water pumping windmill system for demonstration to its district villages and has agreed to purchase a substantial number of windmills over the next coming year upon meeting the agreed to set pumping criteria. The payment for the windmills will be paid for by the Central Government as per the order schedule. A News release will be published in the near future concerning this agreement.

Yes, there are other windmill sales currently in negotiations that cannot be publicly disclosed at this time until the sales negotiations are completely finalized and the company has received permission to identify the purchasers.

Q5.) What country is Dakshidin primarily focusing their sales on? Why?

A5.) China is our main focus for sales as our manufacturing is within the country and the demand for our products is enormous in the agriculture area and the fact that most water for farming is pumped by hand and that fossil fuel energy has become too expensive and not readily accessible in most farming areas. The Central Government has informed Dakshidin, it is their mandate to provide enough water for farming irrigation to feed the 1.3 billion population and this a priority. The Restec Mark 10 Water pumping Windmill is a long-term cost effective proven method of meeting their objective. In China alone the sales potential of water pumping windmills is in thousands. Export Sales outside of China are an added bonus. Therefore, it has been determined by the company, sales outside of China will be a secondary direction of interest.

Q6.) When will Dakshidin become a fully reporting company, making their financials public information, and why are they not fully reporting now?

A6.) Under laws and regulations of the Pinksheet exchange, the SEC does not require Pinksheet Companies to fully report any of their revenues, however DKSC is planning on becoming fully reporting as soon as the additional reporting operating costs are warranted. Auditing and filings can cost anywhere from $75,000.00 +, expenses which the company cannot justify at this time. The company is aiming to file financial information as soon as it becomes feasible. However, the company has been financed by private placements and by principal shareholders.

Q7.) When will the company be trading on one of the more senior exchanges?

A7.) DKSC is working on the planning to be listed on a more senior exchange within the next 12 months, as there is a number of alternatives in the direction the company needs to take under consideration before this type of decision is finalized. However, the company shall be guided by the advice of its legal counsel and accounting procedures.

Q8.) What purchase price was negotiated by Dakshidin through their subsidiary company of majority ownership of HKS (Wuhu) for the Jilin City Daxin Water Pumping Windmill Co., Ltd. manufacturing company?

A8.) Dakshidin Corporation... through their subsidiary company of majority ownership of HKS (Wuhu) Environmental Energy Development Ltd. (HKS (Wuhu), incorporated and registered in Wuhu City of the Anhui Province in China, will acquire 100% control ownership of Jilin City Daxin Water Pumping Windmill Co., Ltd. and all of its assets by share exchange representing a fair market value of 1.0 million U.S., which include 60 acres of prime commercial and industrial lands. This will have a very positive impact on marketing and market presence. "Quote:" September 26, 2008 News Release

Q9.) Why has the stock price dropped in the recent months?

A9.) There has been a lot of negative posting put on the chat boards by shorts and pro traders, trying to bad mouth the company and undermine investor confidence. These types of individuals deliberately create tactics such as this and normally don't work alone. They mainly invest in penny stock Non Reporting Pinksheet companies that have a promising upside and that issue positive news releases. They then wait like vultures for the stock to move up and sell and or short it knowing their manipulation of heavy selling or shorting will drive it down to promote panic selling with the intention that more shareholders will sell to them more stock at lower prices.

Combined with unstable market conditions this has caused the share price of DKSC to decline. There has been many false rumours generated by vulture pro traders, which has caused panic among shareholders, and in turn, causing downward selling by the existing shareholders. Dakshidin Corporation is a very real company, with very real technologies, sales and products. Shareholders are encouraged to take a positive approach in thinking when investing in a developing company and not buy into negative hype. Yes the market and the economy is having a major shake up, but for sure the world's wealthy and the governments will not see it totally sink into the sunset, otherwise everyone would be "Equal" and this has never happened in our lifetime. The time to prosper is when the markets are low as that's when new fortunes are made for those who hang in and bigger fortunes made for those who have it now. Warren Buffet and Boon Pickens are a good example of that. Have you ever heard any of the new Presidential Candidates or a Senator who has said they are going to take the position of leading the country for less pay? Well that means we are not sunk yet.

Q10.) Dose the Company need funding?

A10.) Currently the company has sufficient funds on hand to meet current operations and revenues forth coming and this will carry us into the New Year. The company is still in the development stage and will continue to seek additional capital as required to meet its directives on terms favourable to the company and in the shareholders best interest.

Q11.) How does someone go about purchasing a single windmill for their own personal use, and how much are they?

A11.) Dakshidin's main focus is in the manufacturing and wholesale business and the Restec Mark 10 water pumping windmill is sold by multiple unit sales orders directly and via appointed distributors and direct selling to governments of developing countries at a negotiated unit price based on volumes committed for.

The company has recently assigned 2 distributors out of China in the Caribbean & Central America who are just in the process of receiving their shipped initial inventory and getting started. We feel because of the current market conditions and being a small growth market their sales will be a slow ramp up.

The Restec Mark 10 water pumping windmills sell for approximately $25,000.00 per unit plus shipping costs and this price may vary on volume unit sales. The selling unit price includes the tower and all of windmill components above ground. All below ground components are additional cost. Dakshidin is not accepting single orders at this time directly. However, we will be organizing very soon with one of our joint venture companies in China to handle single order sales. If you are interested to place an order for a Restec Mark 10 water-pumping windmill you will need to provide the following information:

         a) Depth to water, b) down hole pump size required, c) well flow
            GPM, d) average wind speed, e) type of application use. We can
            supply pump sizes from 3" to 12"

         b) We will make a news announcement once we have it set up for
            placing single orders. Multiple orders over 10 units contact
            Dakshidin direct.

Q12.) Why is the Restec Mark 10 water pumping windmills superior to any of the competition?

A12.) The Restec Mark 10 technology will pump more volume of water than any of its competitors at any depth to water in any wind speed starting at 4mph. Secondly, the Restec Mark 10 is heavy duty built to withstand rugged conditions and weighs 4 tons and is capable of lifting water from a depth of 4,000 feet. The windmill pumps water both on the up stroke and down stroke and can push water 10 miles along the surface at the same time.

Q13.) Why isn't the Restec Mark 10 water pumping windmills manufactured in North America?

A13.) The current market volume demand is not sufficient to be cost effective to be manufactured in North America at this time. This will be reviewed again should market conditions change.

Forward-Looking Statements:

The information in this press release includes certain "forward-looking" statements within the meaning of the Safe Harbour provisions of Federal Securities Laws. Investors are cautioned that such statements are based upon assumptions that in the future may prove not to have been accurate and are subject to significant risks and uncertainties, including the future financial performance of the Company. Although the Company believes that the expectations reflected in its forward-looking statements are reasonable, it can give no assurance that such expectations or any of its forward-looking statements will prove to be correct. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements that speak only as of the date of this release, and the Company undertakes no obligation to update publicly any forward-looking statements to reflect new information, events, or circumstances after the date of this release except as required by law.

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