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November 19, 2007 08:53 ET

Dakshidin Signs Deal With Wuhu Government Together With JV Partner HKS to Purchase 100 Acres in Wuhu County Industrial Park for Manufacturing and Distribution Facility

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - November 19, 2007) - Dakshidin Corporation (PINKSHEETS: DKSC) ( and its wholly owned subsidiary, Restec International Inc., makers of the worlds most powerful water pumping windmill are very pleased to announce that Dakshidin has entered into a partnership agreement with HS (Hong Kong) Management Ltd. (a private company incorporated in Hong Kong), and HS Green Products Limited (a private company incorporated in British Columbia) to incorporate a Chinese company to be known as HKS (Wuhu) Environment Energy Development Ltd. ("HKS Wuhu").

HKS Wuhu has negotiated the purchase of land in the Wuhu County industrial park, on which it will construct a manufacturing and distribution facility for the Dakshidin/Restec Mark 10 water pumping windmill and the Restec Mark 10E wind turbine, as well as other environmentally focused products. Start up working capital for HKS Wuhu, estimated to cost $2.5 million USD, will be provided by each of the partners equally and HSK Wuhu will raise additional working capital estimated at $10 million USD from the sale of equity units to private investors. HKS Wuhu is obligated to make a deposit of $100,000 USD to Wuhu County before November 22, 2007, and pay a further $2.4 million USD, representing an aggregate of one third of the $7.5 million purchase price for the land before February 28, 2008. HKS Wuhu has committed to complete construction and be fully operational before the end of 2008.

Wuhu County lies southeast of the Anhui Province, on the south bank of the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River and in the west of Yangtze Delta. Wuhu is situated among the three most highly developed regions, the Yangtze Delta, Peal River Delta, Beijing, and Tianjin area of China. Wuhu is one of the top 10 County's in Economy's of Anhui Province.

Wuhu Municipal Government hosts a leading industry in advanced equipment manufacturing. The Wuhu private industrial technology park comprising of 13.7 square kilometers of which HKS (Wuhu) Environment Energy Development Ltd will be located on its 100-acre land purchase. The industrial technology park is supported by a number of Universities of Technology and Science that is able to supply educational and personnel support to the project. There is an abundance of skilled workers available for the manufacturing sector as well.

The RESTEC MARK 10 Windmill is proven to be the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for the world's water crisis and the MARK 10 E is the cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for world's energy crisis!

About us: Dakshidin Corporation, through its wholly owned subsidiary, RESTEC International Inc., produces the world's most powerful pumping windmill. Throughout the world, especially in developing countries, there is a dire need for water to fulfill basic human self-sufficiency demands. In most cases, the problem is not the lack of available water, but the cost and reliability of obtaining it. The RESTEC water pumping Windmill and the Restec Wind Turbine is the renewable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for the world's water and energy crisis.

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