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November 03, 2016 20:23 ET

Dallas Attorneys Urge Drivers to Beware of the Three Deadly D's

Dallas personal injury attorneys Mike Guajardo and Greg Marks say that far too many vehicle crashes are due to lack of focus behind the wheel

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - November 03, 2016) - Attorneys Mike Guajardo and Greg Marks are on the front line in Texas's struggle for safer roads, and they say that their clients are suffering injuries that are far too predictable and far too consistent.

The firm said the culprits behind vehicle crashes are often distracted, drowsy and drunk drivers. These types of wrecks are part of what the attorneys are calling the "Three Deadly D's" on our roadways, and they contributed to a significant percentage of the 3,531 fatalities and 17,011 serious injuries suffered on Texas roads in 2015.

"The dramatic increase in vehicle fatalities across the United States is unsettling for many reasons," said Mike Guajardo, a partner and attorney at the firm. "One of the most important reasons is that we know exactly what causes these crashes -- human error, which accounts for up to 94 percent of all crashes."

In 2015, distracted driving caused 19,567 crashes, drunk driving caused 4,985 crashes and drowsy or fatigued driving caused 5,007 crashes, per the Texas Department of Transportation. Guajardo & Marks said that these three causes point to the underlying problem of a lack of focus by drivers.

"Many drivers are getting behind the wheels of their automobiles without fully appreciating how important it is to focus on the task of driving," said Greg Marks, a partner and attorney at the firm. Marks added that it is not just drivers who need to pay closer attention to the common causes of vehicle crashes.

"It's obvious that we have to do more to protect our motorists," Marks said. "The Texas Department of Transportation launches campaigns to raise awareness, but it's time to ask what our legislators might be able to accomplish with the goal of reducing road fatalities in our state."

Campaigns like "Talk, Text, Crash," "Plan While You Can," and "#EndTheStreakTX" are all designed to raise public awareness about the dangers on Texas roadways, the latter of which sets the goal of seeing a deathless day on Texas roads, something that hasn't happened since November 2000. Guajardo & Marks said that while public awareness is important, it should be part of a more ambitious approach.

"There are several tools that we can use to take a stronger approach to making roads safer," Guajardo said. "From ignition interlocks, which prevent drunk driving before it happens, to leading the way on technologies that prevent people from texting and driving, there's just so much territory that we can explore in our state. It's time to take action."

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