Dana Douglas Inc.

Dana Douglas Inc.

February 10, 2010 17:00 ET

Dana Douglas Inc.: Renewed Recall for Selected Models of neXus I, II & III Brand Rollators

Dana Douglas Inc. sets goal of reaching and repairing 100% of affected products

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 10, 2010) -

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Dana Douglas Inc. of Ottawa, ON has renewed its recall of selected models of its popular neXus™ rollators to address potential safety issues. This latest notification follows the company's January 7 notification to consumers through its Canadian dealer network and amalgamates four separate recalls to address issues with specific models of the neXus I, II and III rollators. Owners of the affected models are advised to stop using affected rollators immediately and to return rollators to an authorized dealer for necessary modifications.

"Our goal is to reach and repair 100% of the affected product," explained Doug Macmillan, president, Dana Douglas Inc. "Dana Douglas is committed to ensuring the safety, reliability and performance of all of its products."

Under this recall, all parts and repairs by authorized dealers are provided at no cost to consumers. Questions about the recall or the locations of authorized neXus dealers may be directed to Dana Douglas via e-mail to info@danadouglas.com, toll-free by telephone to the Dana Douglas call centre at 1-866-770-5065, or by fax to 613-723-1058. Consumers may also reach the company by mail by writing to:

Dana Douglas Inc.
10-155 Colonnade Road
Nepean, ON
K2E 7K1

Additional information may be also found online at www.danadouglas.com, and on the Health Canada website, at www.hc-sc.gc.ca.

Selected models subject to recall

Depending on the model and date of manufacture, the lower rear frame, front forks, front fork bearings or lower brake rod of the neXus I, II and III rollators may be subject to failure which could result in the user falling and suffering serious injury.

Users of the neXus models which are subject to the lower rear frame recall and who weigh more than 187 lbs (85 kg) should stop using their neXus products immediately pending installation of reinforcement brackets on the rear frame which will increase the product's weight capacity to 250 lbs (113 kg). NOTE: Rollators manufactured beginning November 1, 2008 are rated for use by customers weighing a maximum of 250 lbs (113 kg). Users weighing more than 250 lbs (113 kg) should contact their authorized Dana Douglas dealer to discuss what other products are best suited to their needs.

The neXus rollator is easily identifiable by its distinctive red handle located in the folding seat. neXus products subject to recall include:

neXus I Model #4520 with serial numbers
(Lower Rear Frame Recall)
- between 10000-35 and 16395-35 or the serial numbers 16791-35, 17627-35,
and 19415-35
(Front Fork Bearing Recall)
- between 14773-35 and 16062-35
(Front Fork Recall)
- between 16668-35 and 18640-35

neXus II Model #4515 with serial numbers
(Lower Rear Frame Recall)
- between 10000-45 and 18015-45
(Front Fork Bearing Recall)
- between 16213-45 and 17708-45
(Front Fork Recall)
- between 19008-45 and 20735-45

neXus III Model #4500 with serial numbers
(Lower Rear Frame Recall)
- between 10000-40 and 70626-40 or the serial numbers 70761-40, 71130-40,
71136-40, 71149-40,71150-40, 71158-40, 71160-40, 71162-40 and 71196-40
(Front Fork Bearing Recall)
- between 66982-40 and 72867-40
(Front Fork Recall)
- between 76025-40 and 92072-40

neXus III Model #4500T with tall handles and serial numbers
(Lower Rod Recall)
- between 91164-40 and 102792-40

Any cases of falls resulting in bruising or other serious or unexpected adverse incidents relating to the use of neXus rollators should be reported to Dana Douglas Inc. or Health Canada.

To date, six falls resulting in bruising have been reported by users of affected neXus I & II rollators. No injuries have been reported relating to use of the neXus III rollators.

About Dana Douglas

Dana Douglas Inc. is based in Nepean, Ontario, Canada, and offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects on its entire range of neXus™, Infiniti™, Riva™ and Excel™ frames.

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