February 10, 2017 13:43 ET

DANDELIONS in the WIND Toronto Premiere: A play the world needs to see

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Feb. 10, 2017) - Following the love story of a young white woman and a young black man caught up in the turbulent times of America's Civil Rights era, DANDELIONS in the WIND is a musical based on true events that the world needs to see.

Opening tonight at Daniels Spectrum, a cultural hub in Regent Park, the 'must-see' play will run until February 19th, 2017. However, long before the idea for the play even began, this was the real life story of Jennifer Dance.

"DANDELIONS in the WIND is based in 1966 when I learned first-hand where racism can lead and the devastating toll it can take," said Jennifer Dance, Playwright for DANDELIONS in the WIND. "It seems fitting, unfortunately, that the play will open its curtains for the first time amidst such political upset and race-related hate-crimes across the US and rapidly seeping into Canada."

In 1966, Jennifer -- who was a young, white 17 year-old-woman -- introduced her family to her boyfriend Keith, a young black man. Life in London, England, was not easy for them and the day-to-day racism culminated in an attack by white supremacists. Keith was left on the pavement with broken ribs and a severely fractured skull. Years later, Keith died from complications with the head injury sustained in the attack. He was 33. Jennifer was left behind with two young children. She was five months pregnant with their third child.

"This could be anyone's story, but it is my story and for twenty years I have dug deep into the pain of my past, creating the characters of Sarah and Ben. I have placed all that upheaval into the backdrop of America's Civil rights era and I hope that it sends a message to all those who see it," said Dance.

DANDELIONS in the WIND send a message for all groups of people who are separated by the yawning chasm of fear and distrust. It is intended to bridge the divide by breaking racial stereotypes and promoting healing and equity. Great strides have been made, especially in law-making, in the fifty years since the events depicted, but recently we have all been reminded that racism still exists, and despite the perceived tolerance and multiculturalism of Canada, there is a chasm of racism here also. This production shows how far we have come, yet how far we still have to go.

"Hate crimes are corrosive and when left unaddressed, they lead to broader society breakdown and increased violence. My hope is that this play reinforces the need for equality everywhere and recognition that we all have a stake in building societies that are intolerant of intolerance."

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About Jennifer Dance

Jennifer Dance is a Toronto-based, award-winning author of books for young people (Red Wolf, Paint and Hawk). She is the recipient of a prestigious creative writing grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, and was honoured to receive a 2016 Ontario Seniors Achievement award for raising awareness about Canada's Residential School System. With Dandelions in the Wind she returns to her roots of black-white racism, including much of her own life experience as a white woman married to a black man in the sixties and seventies. The message, however, is for all people separated by the yawning chasm of fear and distrust.

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