April 11, 2016 23:35 ET

Daniel Zopoula -- Encourages Innovative Business Solutions Over Conventional Charity

LETHBRIDGE, CANADA--(Marketwired - April 11, 2016) -  Bishop and author Daniel Zopoula has expressed his opinion on development aid, discussing how charities can be more effective by focusing on local entrepreneurship. He has stated that NGOs, organizations, and other groups who have fostered ingenuity have had the greatest success in building communities. To make a real difference, Zopoula believes that agencies must respect the self-reliance, determination, and spirit of the people they are trying to help. "It's no secret that enterprise is the only long-term solution and viable strategy for development," he said. "It is the only sustainable and scalable option for improving livelihoods for people around the world." Zopoula believes this strategy is the key to easing poverty and should be at the heart of programs that contribute to helping struggling nations across the world. 

Zopoula has suggested alternative methods of empowering districts through local business development. Specifically, traditional charities should use their donated funds to assist in the creation and guidance of new companies, which can generate jobs for the unemployed and boost the native economy in the process. Daniel Zopoula has highlighted this approach for groups aiming to relieve poverty, describing that conventional methods are more likely to contribute to larger problems and slow down the economic growth of nations. "Organizations should take care of the disabled, the grieving, the blind, and the homeless," Zopoula said. "Charities sometimes diminish and weaken motivation of people who aim to care for themselves. Those that don't foster the creative need of individuals, or manage their contributions wisely, are not providing truly worthy benefits. I have seen examples of this around the world."

Bridges of Hope International Network, Daniel Zopoula's charity, focuses on providing the "healthiest way to bring social, spiritual, and moral transformation in communities." He notes that his organization had "been proactively creating change through sustainable business solutions to poverty, from supporting small farmers and micro-entrepreneurs to partnering with large companies to advance development goals. When people are asked what they see as their key strategies for escaping poverty, they overwhelmingly say getting a job or growing a business." This shows that innovative business solutions in struggling communities appeal to those less fortunate far more than short-term solutions offered by conventional charities. 

A devoted Christian, Daniel Zopoula is a leadership consultant, educator, and a public speaker, who has overcome various traumas to dedicate his life to social advocacy and development. His deep understanding of traditional values has provided insights into a range of civil issues, including methods that charities should adopt to deliver positive change. He continues to bring reform to people's lives by committing to social justice and inspiring thousands to do the same. His Canada-based charitable organization, Bridges of Hope, partners with other agencies to promote aid that centers on engagement and empowerment for communities in need. The charity builds its network by involving organizations such as governments, individual donors, ministries and other charitable groups. Together, they facilitate, inspire, and mobilize people to become their own agents of change through innovative business solutions, bringing long-lasting benefits to low-income neighborhoods.

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