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July 08, 2014 10:15 ET

Daniella T. Levitt, Represented by Agent Alan Morell of Creative Management Partners, Signs With Brick Tower Press for Her Book "Ready, Set...RISK!"

Author Is President of Ovation Global Strategies, LLC and Daniella Levitt Enterprises, LLC and an Expert on Empowering Transformation for Women

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Jul 8, 2014) - Daniella Levitt Enterprises LLC, represented by Agent Alan Morell of Creative Management Partners, is pleased to announce that she has signed with J. Boylston & Company Brick Tower Press for her book "Ready, Set...RISK!", to be published Q2, 2015.

"Ready, Set...RISK!" provides positive strategies for women to turn risk into opportunity and accelerate the pace at which women move forward and upward in their careers.

Said Daniella Levitt: "If you ask most people what the greatest reward was in their life, many will say it came from taking their biggest risk. The challenge for most women is that we approach decision making and risk differently than men do. We have a different propensity and appetite for risk than men -- in general we take fewer career risks than men do. This impacts us on both a personal and professional level. We need to change this. We need to learn to take more calculated career risks. I am very excited about my book 'Ready, Set...RISK!', with prestigious publisher Brick Tower Press and Publisher John Colby through my Agent, Alan Morell. Alan and I set a Master Strategy six months ago and we are implementing this strategy as planned."

Said Agent Alan Morell: "Daniella Levitt is the expert on empowering transformation for women moving forward and upward through strategies of cross-generational transformation and calculated risk taking. With the strong chance of a woman President over the next few years in the White House, Daniella is in the perfect place with ideal timing. We placed Daniella with The Sweeney Agency for speaking under our management, are seeing success in the corporate market with her gen-xyb™ High Tea and gen-xyb™ Coaching Trees programs, and over the next year will explore Daniella being a contributor to network and cable broadcast."

About gen-xyb™ High Tea:

gen-xyb™ High Tea is an eleven-month long corporate program designed by Daniella Levitt Enterprises, LLC which embodies the philosophy of using cross-generational collaboration, and women and organization's leadership teams taking more calculated risks within their overall leadership development strategy as key mechanisms to empower transformation and advance women into executive ranks. Healthcare, Financial Services and Law firms are amongst the industries represented with participants in the program.

About gen-xyb™ Coaching Trees:

gen-xyb™ Coaching Trees is a cross-generational group-based coaching and mentoring construct. It enables a group of individuals to tackle opportunities and challenges through shared learning that balances experience, knowledge, reflection and action. Utilizing a combination of group-based sessions and individual sessions, the facilitated process maximizes limited time of senior resources by leveraging their time to a group of high potentials instead of to only one person, and builds and accelerates learning capacity and capabilities of the individuals and the group as a whole by providing exposure to multiple perspectives. Groups can be multi-gender or gender-specific.

About Daniella Levitt:

Daniella Levitt's passion is empowering transformational change, inspired by her years of growing up in South Africa. In 1996, after twenty-six years in South Africa, she moved to the US to build a new life for herself, making Chicago her new home. Her corporate path includes Anderson Consulting, Deloitte, and Aon as a Senior Vice President. Her entrepreneurial path includes founding two ongoing successful companies. 

Ovation Global Strategies, launched in 2008, works with corporations on large scale strategic transformation initiatives, serving Fortune 500 clients as well as mid-market organizations. Daniella applies her unique combination of regulatory, technology and organization change experience to assist her clients with adapting to a world in which their business are subject to an ever-changing, constantly expanding web of government mandated regulations which impacts their business strategy, their people, their business processes, their data and reporting.

Daniella Levitt Enterprises, launched in 2013, is focused on development and advancement of women in the workplace through strategies of cross-generational collaboration, providing women with positive strategies to take more risks in their careers, and providing leadership teams in organizations with positive strategies to support those women in their risk-taking. The company offers unique programming anchored around cross-generational collaboration and risk-taking, as well as related consulting services. Daniella speaks and writes passionately about topics that she believes are core to women maximizing their career potential, including: taking risk, cross-generational collaboration, power, being intentional -- owning your story, your personal brand, your relationships and your network.

Daniella serves on the Board of Access Community Health Network, and is involved with other non-profits including Women Employed and the Anti-Defamation League. Daniella was recognized by the Anti-Defamation League as one of Chicago's Rising Stars -- Women Forty and Under Defining the Future. When Daniella isn't working with clients, she can be found at the health club teaching group cycle classes, challenging members to reach new fitness goals.

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