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June 01, 2011 11:00 ET

DarbeeVision Licenses HDMI Smart Cable Design to Video Game Accessory Maker

Sunflex to Market First of Its Kind, Highly Immersive Video Enhancement Accessory

ORANGE, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 1, 2011) - As a first step in their go to market strategy for system products, DarbeeVision, Inc., a pioneer in the field of digital image enhancement, has licensed its HDMI Smart Cable technology to Germany-based Sunflex Europe for release in Europe and Australia through Sunflex GmbH and in North America via Sunflex USA LLC. The resulting HDMI cable accessory will process the game system output in real time and add Darbee Visual Presence depth and clarity to any video game -- resulting in an unparalleled gaming experience.

Sunflex's product lines and aggressive, first to market marketing approach focus on the creation of a superior gaming experience delivering high value, cutting edge technology with innovative features -- making them a natural fit to partner with DarbeeVision. "As a new product for video gaming that is completely unique, Sunflex believes the HDMI Smart Cable will be a disruptive presence in the marketplace, and a great fit for our snakebyte video game accessories product line," noted Sunflex USA's vice president of marketing, Mitch Perliss. Sunflex will introduce the new video enhancement HDMI cable accessory to the international video gaming community at the 2011 E3 show in Los Angeles, hosting a live demonstration of Darbee Visual Presence processing for video games on the show floor in West Hall, booth #5744.

DarbeeVision's proprietary technology takes video game images to the next level of reality -- through a unique approach that delivers extremely lifelike images that pop off the screen -- all without the need for 3-D glasses. As a video processor module in a small housing and embedded in the HDMI cable, the new accessory will simply plug into the gaming console and enhance the output of any video game, as well as DVD, Blu-ray, and media players and any digital broadcast -- on both standard and high-definition TVs.

DarbeeVision is offering its Darbee Visual Presence technology for consumer electronics product integrations. Please visit or call 714-931-5941 for more information.

To learn more, please visit DarbeeVision's Facebook, Snakebyte USA's Facebook and Snakebyte USA's Twitter.

About Sunflex
For more than a decade, Sunflex Europe, based in Hemer/Germany, has always been an important factor in the European market for video gaming accessories. In the course of time, founded on the many years of experience and expertise, Sunflex has developed two meshing business models.

Sunflex Europe GmbH is the exclusive distributor of the video gaming brand snakebyte™ covering a wide range of video gaming and PC accessories: Whether useful adaptors, clever and convenient transport and storage solutions, sophisticated controllers, premium cables, or state-of-the-art peripherals for hardcore gamers -- some of these are even officially licensed by the original manufacturer, but always focused on innovation and user benefit.

Sunflex is the exclusive distributor of the official licensed EA SPORTS™ and Need for Speed™ accessories and peripherals for much of Europe and Australia.

Based in Glendale, Calif., Sunflex USA is the exclusive distributor of the video snakebyte™ brand, covering a wide range of video gaming, consumer electronics and PC accessories.

About DarbeeVision
DarbeeVision was founded by entrepreneur Paul Darbee, a seasoned industry veteran who pioneered the first preprogrammed universal remote control. In 1985, Darbee was one of the founders of Universal Electronics (NASDAQ: UEIC) and was awarded the first of numerous patents in universal remote control technology. Today he holds more than 40 patents with several more pending. In 2006 and 2011, DarbeeVision was awarded patents for its visual computing process known as Darbee Visual Presence™.

DarbeeVision's proven technology is suitable for a wide range of applications. The technology suite includes: Darbee Software™, a software application running on the CPU for still image processing; Darbee GPU Software™, a software application running on a CUDA enabled NVIDIA GPU for real-time digital video processing; a reference design based upon Altera Cyclone FPGA architecture for an HDMI smart cable that enables real-time digital video Darbee processing between HDMI enable source and display devices; the Darbee IP Block™, a hardware IP block for licensing to be used in embedded applications.

The privately held company is headquartered in Orange, Calif. For further information call 714-931-5941 or visit

All DarbeeVision™, Darbee™ patents, trademarks, copyrights and licensing are a product of DarbeeVision Inc.

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