DAREarts Foundation Inc. for Children

DAREarts Foundation Inc. for Children

June 13, 2008 17:45 ET

DAREarts: Inner City Kids Take up Creative Arms

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 13, 2008) - On Sunday June 15th, 7:00 pm, at the John Bassett Theatre, Front Street West, inner city kids from the gun-rich area of Northwest Toronto will battle in their artistic alternative to guns and gangs. Twenty young teens - Grade Seven students from 2 Toronto District schools will showcase their B-Boy moves that they have perfected over the last several months, under the instruction of some of Canada's best and world-ranked B-Boy artists, including 4th ranked in the world, 'Dyzee'. This 'battle' represents the triumphant culmination of the pilot project called DARE 2 B..., a partnership with DAREarts and Back To The Underground. Using only positive music and messaging, this program leads the teens to make positive choices in their lives through active engagement and training in B-Boying. This is the pilot for a much wider expansion of the DARE 2 B program throughout the GTA in the fall, dependent upon funding. The artists as teachers for the pilot program are: Greenholme School: Lee Pham aka. Lethal and Jon Reid aka. Drops; and at Elmbank Academy: Joe Hersco aka. J-Rebel and Karl Alba aka Dyzee.

The young teens' battle is part of a bigger battle and showcase by some of Canada's finest B-Boy dance artists, entitled Fit For Fame. This showcase is a fitting way to contribute to the last day of Luminato since it showcases Canada's own talented young people and their work to reach out to even younger youth to make a positive difference in their lives - through the art of B-Boy dance.

"Our kids need the DareArts program to prevent further tragedies," reported one parent.

Mission of DARE 2 B:

DAREarts and Back to the Underground have a shared vision to develop and support a stronger positive youth culture. Our goal is to create and establish a new sustainable dance program for schools and students in high-risk areas. This program is designed to relate to the youth and also re-enforce positive life choices and skills that they can use in all their future endeavours.

What is the Dare to B Pilot Program?

The Pilot Program has put four young dance instructors into two inner city schools to motivate and teach the students. They have developed student teams in each school to take part in a year-end competition / showcase. They have create and organize a year-end showcase for the schools to meet and compete in a positive, friendly environment. They have initiated a teaching template that can be used across Canada and internationally.

A unique curriculum has been created to give our youth an outlet of expression. They will also receive opportunities to shine in front of their peers and, in doing so, encourage others to make similar positive constructive choices.

Why Dare our YOUTH to B-Boy?

Our youth are challenged with choices both positive and negative. We Dare them to B-positive by helping them take the first step in the right direction!

Negative ideals flood from mass media about the perpetually popular Hip-Hop genre. These images misrepresent a culture that has real power to positively influence people's lives in areas of extreme poverty in the city of Toronto. The youth tend to relate with the music and culture of Hip Hop. Our ambition is to connect these youth to the positive aspects of Hip-Hop and assist them in rejecting the negative stereotypes that are so common in the media that they are regularly exposed to.

Why use Hip-Hop?

The culture itself gets a bad rap in the media. What sells records are guns and violence, and so those false images are mass-produced to be sold to the public. Hip-Hop is not about negative ideals. Misrepresentations in the media are a direct influence to our children's choices. It's time for a change!

DareArts Backgrounder:

DareArts is a national, not-for-profit organization which stands for "Discipline, Action and Responsibility in Education through the arts". DareArts' unique 5-year program works with 'at risk' 9-14 year olds, empowering them to become leaders in their communities through education in the arts. DareArts' lead sponsor is Lombard Canada.

"One of the most innovative arts education programs in the world." - Charles Freimuller

Back to the Undergound (B2DU):

Since 1999, Back to the Underground has held specialized events and supported the B-Boy dance community. Back to the Underground has created its mark on Toronto and carved an industry from a grassroots community.

B2DU exposes and invigorates hip-hop culture to the nation and to the world. While presenting the grassroots elements of the culture, B2DU keeps true to its origin and still proves time and again that the appeal of the B-Boy culture is universally captivating. Being a pioneer in a market of infinite potential and limitless possibilities, B2DU uses creative visioning to shape the industry in positive ways and to set high standards for those who follow. Our vision is to not only invigorate a strong industry that supports and appreciates the B-Boy dance form, but also to invest in our youth and assist them in finding a passion for positive lifestyle choices informed through the enriching art that is B-Boying.

"Good job positioning yourself as THE endemic website for B-Boy culture in TO."

- J.D. Wheeler Director of Field Marketing - Ontario Red Bull Canada

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