SOURCE: Author Darrell Foster

Author Darrell Foster

January 29, 2014 10:00 ET

Darrell Foster, Trainer to the Stars, Publishes Memoir

Golden Gloves Winner, Go-To Celebrity Personal Trainer, and Fitness Entrepreneur Offers Inspirational Personal Story, With a Foreword by Will Smith

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 29, 2014) - Before Darrell Foster was a highly sought-after life coach, trainer and mentor in Hollywood; before he turned Will Smith in Muhammad Ali; and before he launched a global fitness company, he was an angry, broken kid from the streets of D.C.. How he made the journey from where he started to where he is now is the subject of his engrossing, intimate, and inspiring new memoir, Breathe, available this week in ebookstores everywhere. Breathe was recently endorsed on the official Will Smith Facebook page.

For the last 20 years, Foster has been coaching and training the best talent in the world, shepherding them through their emotional and physical challenges, preparing them for their blockbuster roles on some of the highest-grossing movies of all time. He's become such an integral component in the lives of some of the most famous names in Hollywood because he gets results. And he gets those results because he knows what it means to confront adversity and overcome, to face your demons and transcend them.

Breathe is Darrell's life story, a tale of a traumatic childhood, a restless adolescence, and a dangerous young adulthood that set him on a path that should have led to violence and self-destruction -- but through grace and grit, turned upward.

"A crushingly honest memoir, Breathe illuminates one man's struggle against life's unrelenting obstacles," says Will Smith, a long-time trainee of Foster, and a close friend. "And it's a story of how he outran, outsmarted, and outclassed his circumstances, detractors, and demons. Simply put, Breathe is a recipe for success... a roadmap for those journeying to become the greatest version of themselves."

From the boxing ring where he won Golden Gloves glory to the sound stages and mega-sets of Hollywood lore, Breathe is a moving story of Foster's struggle to break from a life that seemed pre-determined and take charge of his own destiny.

In honest, confessional prose, with behind-the-scenes stories of his day-to-day work with some of the most recognized names in entertainment, Darrell connects his story to the philosophical tenets he uses to guide himself and his clients to unparalleled success. "No matter where you started or where you are today, no matter the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that you face," says Foster, "we are all ordinary people who have the capability to achieve extraordinary things in life. Your choices determine your success."

Breathe is available as a digital or print book, and can be purchased at all major online bookstores. For more information, visit

Darrell Foster is the founder and CEO of Omega Bodies, Inc., a Fight and Fitness Corporation that's been serving the entertainment industry for over twenty years. Darrell is the influential and inspirational force behind some of the most successful people in the world. He is a Mentor and Life Coach, as well as a Fight and Fitness Expert, who has worked with notable names in multiple fields of excellence, from World Champion boxer Sugar Ray Leonard to Oscar-nominated actor Will Smith. His vast knowledge of professional fighting, boxing, mixed martial arts, and self-defense has allowed Darrell to create his own unique training methodology -- E2: Enlightenment and Exercise. Darrell uses E2 to help his clients achieve their goals by focusing on the precise conditioning of both the brain and the body.

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