Darren Mercer Interiors

Darren Mercer Interiors

April 17, 2014 07:37 ET

Darren Mercer Interiors Introduces New Eco-Friendly Interior Design Scheme

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - April 17, 2014) - Manchester based interior designs company Darren Mercer Interiors (www.darrenmercer.co.uk) has announced details of a new Eco-friendly policy which will see the company complete 10 100% recycled-material projects within 2014.

The company carried out the first of their 'planet-saving' interior design makeovers in Switzerland last year. The three projects, which each involved 20th century mountain-perched Swiss chalets, oversaw stunning contemporary transformations using only recycled materials and energy saving features.

The company has long had a keen interested and passion in keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum, and have a reputation in their area for being progressive when it comes to green initiatives.

Company founder Darren Mercer explained the company's reasoning behind the policy in more detail: "Global warming is no longer just a theory but an unfortunate fact. As interior designers, we're fully aware that energy used and wasted in dwellings, office buildings and commercial spaces has played a large part in the damaging of the environment. Therefore, we feel a responsibility to do as much as we can to try and reverse that trend."

During these 100% Green interior projects, Darren Mercer Interiors also include energy saving features such as LED lighting and wall, ceiling, floor and loft insulation as standard. They do this to ensure the spaces they work on are energy efficient long after completion.

Director and founder Darren Mercer claims offering these features for no extra cost to his company's clients acts as a legacy for the future.

He continued: "Lots of our clients are keen to include energy efficient lighting and insulation into their properties but are often put off by the increased price. By offsetting the additional cost of these features and taking the financial hit ourselves, we believe that we will gain more respect in the industry and therefore increase our turnover and profitability, whilst simultaneously protecting the planet."

The company already has 5 more of these recycled-material projects coming up this summer, with another 5 due to take place in late November. The first 5 projects will see a new apartment complex in Southampton's Ocean Village Marina get an eco-friendly makeover, and are due for completion by the end of this year.

Darren Mercer Interiors have recently opened a new studio in Southampton - their first southern based office in the United Kingdom - and they aim to complete 50% of their entire interior design builds by 2018.

Notes for Editors:

The company has offices in Stockport, Liverpool and a newly opened studio in Southampton. They serve clients both private and commercial up and down the length of the country, across Europe and also North America.

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