Darren Mercer Interiors

Darren Mercer Interiors

March 31, 2014 07:15 ET

Darren Mercer Launches New Website

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - March 31, 2014) - Manchester UK based interior design company Darren Mercer Interiors have launched a newly designed website at www.DarrenMercer.co.uk.

The site has been updated with a more attractive design and additional features, providing a smoother browsing experience for visitors.

The new website is responsive - meaning that the site works perfectly on a range of devices, from mobiles to Macs.

The layout is easy to navigate, with all the relevant contact information and services clearly visible from the home page. In terms of the design, the company has gone for a simple yet modernistic two column layout, black and white in colour with well-defined text displayed inside.

Despite its simplicity, the aesthetic is bold and striking - an appearance which Darren Mercer himself is trying to promote within the company.

"We're a company who very much love modern, industrial styles and I myself was heavily influenced by Swedish and Danish functionalism and even a bit of Art Deco, so we've tried to incorporate that into our new site's design as much as possible."

The updated website comes with a new blog section, detailing the latest styles and trends within the interior design industry.

This regularly updated blog looks at topics which can help budding young designers spruce up their homes or businesses, offered all for free on the behest of Mercer.

He is a believer in giving something back to customers, forming a positive relationship with them and not just simply chasing profits.

The positive reputation Darren Mercer Interiors has with its clientele is compounded further with its dedication to using 100% recycled materials, both in the company's offices and with the products it has on offer.

The 'Green Interiors' page on the site highlights this drive to remain eco-friendly and minimise their carbon footprint.

Mercer claims that he feels a sense of responsibility to the environment:

"We try and go green as much as we can now and we wanted to include something about our eco-friendly credentials on the new site. Energy wasted in homes and offices is a huge contributor to man-made global warming, so of course we feel a huge weight on our shoulders to try to redress this issue."

The revamp of the site was an idea formulated by studio manager Rhian Ainscough during a recent team meeting.

The change was also made so the new pages became fully compatible with all mobile and tablet devices, an increasingly important aspect for web creation in the mobile age. Rhian went on to explain:

"Our company Director, Darren Mercer, has created an atmosphere in the company where everybody feels they can contribute and assist the team no matter what position they have. I'd received some feedback from a few of our clients saying our old site was a little dated and lacking certain information, so I suggested a new design and from that point on I was in charge of the new site!"

To check out the new site and the range of interior design services on offer, visit:

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