March 08, 2012 06:13 ET Launches Dart Connect™

New Service Designed for Local Banks Experiencing Substantial Growth

TROY, MI--(Marketwire - Mar 8, 2012) -, a leading nationwide provider of residential real estate valuations, today announced the launch of Dart Connect, an exclusive service package combining a lender's existing appraiser panel with's innovative technology. The customized service offering is designed for those small to medium-sized lenders experiencing rapid growth.

As local or neighborhood banks advance toward a regional presence through mergers or acquisitions, the time and talent required to effectively manage an in-house appraisal panel is often overwhelming. integrates a lender's existing appraiser panel into their proprietary appraisal management system. Lenders benefit from cutting edge technology designed to seamlessly manage order assignment through delivery. In addition,'s established workflow ensures compliance to regulatory requirements and appraiser payment management. Lenders are able to use their approved appraisers while freeing themselves of order tracking, compliance, licensure validation and payment.

Additionally,'s exclusive appraisal management platform tracks each appraisal order in real time, instantly detecting those orders that may be late. These instances are resolved by a dedicated Client Service Representative using established escalation protocols to ensure on-time report delivery. Completed reports are then delivered with full coordination of Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) compliance, if required.

"Dart Connect is a valuable service for those clients currently managing their own appraiser panel but wanting to focus on their core business of lending," explains Michael Dresden, VP of Operations at "It bridges the need to be compliant with a client's comfort in managing their own panel."

Dart Connect consists of four inter-related components, including Technology, Workflow, Regulatory Compliance, and Appraiser Payment. Beginning with the validation of appraisers' qualifications, guarantees compliance with appraiser independence, customary and reasonable fees and AMC Regulatory requirements. As part of the Appraiser Panel, the lender's own appraisers are held to the same high standards of performance as existing appraisers. Appraisers can also track and manage their own appraisals in real time with's Appraiser Center interface. has successfully launched this custom service with HomeBanc N.A., based in Tampa, FL. "Our fears in moving our appraisal function to an AMC (as I'm sure it is with many mortgage lenders) is the loss of control and true customer service," explains a Home Banc manager. "Dart has restored my faith in the term 'customer service' and worked closely with us for months developing a process that works for HomeBanc and our approved appraiser panel."

Dart Connect leverages the lender's trusted appraisal panel by relying on their familiarity and knowledge of client needs. This knowledge is then paired with's proprietary order management system. This innovative technology is continuously fine-tuned to deliver accurate and timely appraisal data to appraisers and lenders alike. "Their willingness to constantly enhance technology that expedites the process is amazing in today's environment," added Home Banc. "I would definitely recommend Dart and their courteous staff to anyone in our industry." is an independently-owned, nationwide Appraisal Management Company (AMC) founded in 1993. For nearly two decades, the company has built a reputation of superior customer service combined with innovative technology to deliver accurate and timely residential appraisals. Thousands of orders are tracked in real time using a proprietary order management platform designed and maintained by With a singular focus on appraisal management, has developed a direct relationship with both appraisers and clients. The company manages a 10,000-member appraiser panel throughout all 50 states while retaining local competence.

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