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DASSAULT AVIATION : Dassault Falcon Aims for Premier Level in Customer Service

Saint-Cloud Cedex 300 -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 2, 2006 -- (Geneva, Switzerland, May 2, 2006) - Dassault Falcon's mission to be the most recognized name in business aviation has certainly carried over to the customer service end of the business. "Airplanes are only valuable business assets when they're flying," said Charles Edelstenne, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation. "So, I have charged all of our employees with the responsibility of attaining the premier position in delivering customer support. This is a truly global team effort. Reliability and aircraft availability now transcend everything we do."

Stressing reliability, quality and technology, Dassault has embarked on a multi-year plan to become the undisputed leader of customer support in business aviation. "An undertaking like this is not possible without a strong relationship with our suppliers, operators and employees," said Jacques Chauvet, Vice President of Customer Service for Dassault Aviation. "We've all made a long term commitment to provide the best customer support in the industry."

New "Added Value & Pricing Guarantee" on All Genuine Dassault Replacement Parts

The "Added Value & Pricing Guarantee" is a new global initiative by Dassault. If, after a review, Dassault Falcon agrees that the customer could find an equivalent component with the same added value to a Genuine Dassault Replacement Part, Dassault Falcon will adjust the price equal to the other parts supplier anytime prior to installation. The price adjustment would be in effect for all sales of that part. If Dassault can't show a better value, the customer can return the part for full credit without the applicable restocking fee.

"In essence, Dassault will continue to improve it's spare parts support by having our customers recognize the value of using Genuine Dassault Replacement Parts which will deliver aircraft reliability equal to, or better than, when the aircraft was new," said Frank Youngkin, Vice President of Worldwide Spares for Dassault Falcon. "We have 120,000 part numbers in our spares inventory. It's a complex task to ensure all spares are competitively priced. Feedback from our operators is integral to fairly evaluating parts pricing." The "Added Value & Pricing Guarantee" is already in place around the globe.

Dassault Falcon's spares availability has maintained an impressive rate of 98% for the past several years and has become the benchmark of the industry. "We've substantially increased our spares inventory levels in the past several years and added new warehouse locations.

We've also reduced prices on a wide range of products by a significant amount," said Youngkin. "Availability is up, and prices are down, more than 50% in some cases, on parts for both out-of-production aircraft as well as current production models."

Spares has achieved a 98% availability level by improving long-term planning, adding inventory, reviewing specific service failures and working more closely with major suppliers.

Comprehensive Care with "Reliability Plus"

Dassault Falcon recently launched "Reliability Plus", a new initiative aimed at enhancing the dispatch reliability of Falcons already among the most reliable aircraft in the industry. It's an aircraft management tool developed to simplify and clearly organize existing reliability information available for each Falcon model series. It is intended to be used proactively to prevent unscheduled component removals, minimizing delayed or cancelled flights.

"Like all OEMs, we have numerous documents related to attaining maximum reliability for our aircraft," said Gerry Goguen, Senior Vice President of Customer Service for Dassault Falcon. "While Falcons have the reputation for being an extremely reliable aircraft, Reliability Plus will further enhance dispatch rates by gathering actionable reliability information and providing it to our operators in a useful format."

The information is extracted from several sources including: Falcon integrated maintenance information network, top 20 removal items; MMEL-affected items, Service Bulletins, Falcon Service Advisories and Illustrated Parts Catalog Changes. The information is used at Dassault Aircraft Services' maintenance facilities and is made available through Dassault's proprietary Computer Aided Troubleshooting System (CATS) with the next CATS release and updated regularly.

Simplify Your Budget with FalconCare

Announced at EBACE 2005, FalconCare is a worldwide comprehensive support plan for new Falcons. It is designed to take all of the surprises out of budgeting for maintenance operations by offering a fixed payment schedule based on actual usage.

"FalconCare reflects our commitment to provide extraordinary support services to our customers," said John Rosanvallon, President and CEO of Dassault Falcon. "It particularly addresses the needs of a growing number of customers that have never owned an aircraft before and don't have a maintenance department. Even those with trained maintenance technicians will find the program provides financial benefits."

FalconCare is a six-year renewable support program that covers scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. It includes parts and labor throughout the entire Falcon Authorized Service Center network; AOG on-site technical assistance and compliance with mandatory and recommended Service Bulletins.

Service in the Field

Another boost to the services provided to Falcon operators comes by way of the workforce in the field. "Falcon operators in need of technical assistance are always within our reach," explained Chauvet. "In urgent situations, our Reps and Service Managers are on-site quickly, and are never more than five hours from being where they're needed most." Over the past 5 years, the total number of personnel in the Field dedicated to the customer directly (Field Service Reps and Customer Service Managers) has increased 33%.

This year Dassault has added three field service representatives who will be based in Brazil, Portugal and China.

U.S.: Ralph Aceti 201 541 4585 - Andrew Ponzoni 201-541-4588 - Dassault Falcon Teterboro Airport, Box 2000 - South Hackensack, NJ 07606

FRANCE: Vadim Feldzer 33 (0)1 47 11 44 13 - Marie-Alexandrine Munoz 33 (0)1 47 11 64 23 - Dassault Aviation 78 Quai Marcel Dassault - 92552 Saint-Cloud Cedex 300

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