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October 09, 2006 07:00 ET

Data Domain Introduces Next Generation of Enterprise Protection Storage

DDX Array Series Offers Data Centers the Industry's Highest Capacity and Throughput, Shatters Existing Pricing Models

SANTA CLARA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 9, 2006 -- Data Domain, the leading provider of Enterprise Protection Storage systems for disk backup and network-based disaster recovery, today announced the availability of the Data Domain DDX Series, the industry's first data center-scale deduplicating protection storage array. Powered by the new Data Domain DD560 controller, a fully configured DDX array offers up to 6.4 terabytes per hour of sustained throughput and up to 15 petabytes of capacity for long-term online retention. Beyond establishing new levels of performance and capacity, the DDX Series shatters the pricing model for backup-to-disk storage. Driven by Data Domain's Global Compression™ technology, DDX array configurations are available for less than $0.35/GB.

The new DDX Array Series features up to 16 DD560 or DD460 Data Domain controllers and associated storage in a single managed configuration. Scaleable by design, DDX can be implemented with as few as four controllers and then expanded over time as business needs change with linear scalability. The DDX array is available in 4, 8 and 16 controller configurations, uses integrated or third party external storage, and is designed to provide data protection storage for data centers with at least 20 TB of application data. With support for up to 320 remote locations and common management across all Data Domain systems and software, DDX is ideal for large enterprises who wish to leverage the Data Domain Replicator software to deploy ultra-reliable, multi-site remote disaster recovery (DR) and global tape consolidation capabilities.

"With the introduction of the DDX, Data Domain has delivered a deduplicating data protection solution that is well aligned with the needs of large enterprise environments," said Brad O'Neill, senior analyst and consultant for The Taneja Group. "In terms of scalability, this offering is what the biggest data centers have been asking for: an integrated high-scale, high-capacity platform with end-to-end management capabilities. Additionally, the price-to-performance ratio and integrated management capabilities should stand up well to the very high level of scrutiny applied by large IT shops. All of the elements are in place for Data Domain's DDX array to make a strong entry into this important market segment of the storage industry."

Customer Reference Quotes

"TeraSystem is designing and implementing an extensive enterprise data protection solution for Telecom Italia, Italy's largest telecommunications provider," says Raffaele Persico, managing director of TeraSystem. "At the core of the solution are Data Domain's DDX arrays. The DDX array configurations are being implemented in 8 data center locations across the country, with up to 12 controllers per array, storing over 2 petabytes of backup data per month and replicating it back to a second Telecom Italia site for disaster recovery. Our client, Telecom Italia, wanted a disk-based solution for storing and transferring backup data from one data center to another. But regular disk arrays were too expensive for reasonable retention, and they can't replicate efficiently. Data Domain's technology enables Telecom Italia to implement a disk-based solution to store massive amounts of backup data locally, and optimize what was fast becoming an increasingly disparate set of disaster recovery processes."

"Children's Hospital Boston has significant backup requirements -- presently about 80 terabytes and growing -- so we appreciate the scalability of the Data Domain DDX array platform," says Paul Scheib, director of operations and chief information security officer at Children's Hospital Boston. "The performance and 20x compression ratios we've seen from our Data Domain solution have helped us address our backup window issues and we have full confidence in our ability to quickly and reliably perform restores. The 2 new DD560s we're testing are exhibiting even higher performance than our existing DD400 restorers and have integrated seamlessly into our existing Data Domain implementation."

The DDX Series leverages the same Data Domain Operating System (DD OS) software as the Data Domain Appliance and Gateway systems to deliver industry leading deduplication, simplicity, flexibility and data invulnerability with a consistent and integrated architecture.

"DDX is by far the most scaleable array in the industry, and the first protection storage system to incorporate deduplication technology with data center performance and functionality," said Frank Slootman, president and CEO of Data Domain. "Unlike brute-force disk approaches common to VTL solutions, Data Domain deduplicates backup data inline -- and at blazing speeds, so it has vastly better price/performance. These really are the first data center-scale disk-based backup and recovery storage systems."

DDX Array Series: Data Center Features and Functionality

High Capacity, High Throughput, and Green -- A 16-controller DDX, using the 560 controller, provides up to 6.4 TB/hour throughput and 6-15 petabytes of capacity depending on backup policy and data change rate. With internal storage, it uses as little as 1.1 watts/TB of power and as little as 9U of a 19" rack space per petabyte.

Simplified Data Center Management -- The Data Domain Enterprise Manager provides monitoring of the controllers in a DDX array with a simple, browser-based graphical user interface (GUI).

Modular Scalability -- The Data Domain DD560 controller provides up to 400 GB/hour throughput. The DD560 also offers greatly expanded storage capacity, from 100 TB in a departmental appliance to 980 TB in a data center configuration. The DD560g gateway controller offers the same throughput and capacity supporting external array storage.

Flexible DR Configuration -- The DDX Series complements all Data Domain appliances, acting as a hub for recovery images vaulted efficiently from up to 320 smaller sites running Data Domain for DR and tape consolidation.

Ultimate Data Integrity -- Data Domain's Data Invulnerability Architecture provides the best defense against data integrity issues. Continuous recovery verification along with extra levels of data protection such as dual disk parity RAID (RAID 6) continuously detect and protect against data integrity issues, during storage of backup data and throughout the life cycle of the backup data.

Fully Compatible With All Leading Enterprise Backup Software -- Like all Data Domain systems, the DDX Series is qualified with all leading backup software vendors and easily integrates into the backup environment using NAS and/or Virtual Tape interfaces without any infrastructure change.

Appliance and Gateway Series: Enhanced Performance and Extended Retention

With this announcement, Data Domain also expands its existing line of DD400 Series restorers by introducing the DD560 appliance and DD560g gateway. The new appliance comes with internal SATA storage and the gateway uses external array storage. Both offer enterprises and remote sites the performance and capacity benefits of a single DD560 controller.

All new protection storage systems use the new 64-bit Data Domain Operating System (DD OS 4.0) system software and can be deployed with Data Domain software options, Data Domain Replicator for WAN Vaulting and Data Domain Virtual Tape Library (VTL).

Pricing and Availability

The DDX Series, DD560, and DD560g are available immediately. Pricing depends on controller model and specific array configuration. A single DD560 controller is available today, starting at $95k for 100TB useable storage. The Data Domain Enterprise Manager is included in the DD OS 4.0 software available today on all Data Domain Systems.

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