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September 30, 2013 10:07 ET

Data Dynamics StorageX 7.0 Brings Software Defined Data Management and Mobility to Enterprise Storage Leaders

StorageX Gives Enterprises the Ability to Migrate, Restructure and Archive NAS Environments in Aggregate or at Granular Levels

TEANECK, NJ--(Marketwired - Sep 30, 2013) - Data Dynamics, Inc., a leader in solutions for the discovery, reporting, migration, and management of file-based storage, today announced that StorageX 7.0 is now shipping in volume, providing software-defined file data migration and management capabilities to enterprise storage professionals. StorageX 7.0 delivers new migration project management capabilities that streamline tech refresh and file storage optimization projects. StorageX 7.0 also provides several other enhancements to its existing phased migration, archival migration, and DFS management capabilities.

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StorageX is a multi-faceted file storage management software solution that speeds the transition to advanced hardware and new technologies by up to 50% when compared with manual processes. The StorageX solution increases unstructured file data mobility and mitigates risk during migrations by automating processes prone to human error. StorageX 7.0 leverages patented technology that integrates discovery, a policy-based rules engine, and CIFS and NFS data movers to limit business disruptions caused by storage migrations. StorageX also uses a project-based approach to ensure that all CIFS shares, NFS exports, security permissions, and file attributes are migrated correctly.

New and updated features in StorageX 7.0 include:

  • Phased Migrations: Create phased migration policies that move file data stored in CIFS shared folders or NFS exports. Use templates and the new phased migration policy wizard to quickly create new phased migration policies manually on-demand, or streamline and automate phased migration policy creation using built-in policy generation capabilities that migration projects and archival migration policies provide. Schedule policies to run in phases and during off hours using a schedule that meets business requirements.
  • Archival Migrations: Create archival migration policies that automatically scan storage resources on a scheduled basis and identify folders that contain file data that should be migrated to less-expensive secondary storage. Configure archival migration policies to either automatically generate phased migration policies that can then be used to migrate the file data, or configure archival migration policies to quickly generate a list of migration candidates that can be reviewed and validated prior to generating the phased migration policies that will move the data.
  • DFS Namespace Management: Simplify DFS namespace management using StorageX DFS namespace management capabilities that smoothly integrate with StorageX migration project and data movement capabilities right from within a single console. Using a DFS namespace as a part of a file data migration and management strategy simplifies the management of CIFS user and group shared folders. During data migrations, you can configure StorageX policies that not only migrate data, but also allow you to transparently redirect users to data stored in new locations, reducing cutover windows and user disruptions.
  • Migration Projects: Quickly create Migration Projects and model different migration scenarios using the new migration project design wizard. When you finalize and execute your design, StorageX automatically creates, or provisions, target items on destination file storage resources, such as volumes, CIFS shared folders, NFS exports, and quotas. StorageX also automatically generates phased migration policies for the project that migrate file data, share and export settings, and file attributes and permissions from sources to destinations based on the migration project schedule you define.

"Managing file data growth has been an ongoing challenge for organizations of size," said Greg Schulz, founder and senior analyst, StorageIO. "StorageX has a good history of being accepted by users applying its advanced capabilities for managing the growth and migration of file data. The technology is easy to use and scalable to meet data management challenges, including movement across different storage solutions in heterogeneous environments."

"Storage professionals struggle to cost-effectively manage their existing structure. Past experience with prior migrations that took too long, cost too much, and worst of all, caused outages, means that many CIOs and storage teams are hesitant to migrate to advanced hardware and new technologies. Business units also fear disruption," said Piyush Mehta, CEO, Data Dynamics, Inc. "StorageX 7.0 helps alleviate migration risks and control migration costs through the use of migration project automation and policy-based data movement. This approach reduces cutover windows, helps storage teams restructure and optimize their file data during tech refresh cycles, reduces overall project timelines, and helps avoid costly outages and roll-backs."

Pricing and Availability
StorageX version 7.0 is available immediately and priced starting at $500 per migrated TB.

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About the StorageX Platform
Acting as the engine behind Data Dynamics' storage infrastructure management, unstructured file data management, and private cloud data management solutions, StorageX enables aggregation and centralized management of networked file storage. This makes it possible for storage professionals to add, consolidate, migrate, and failover Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Windows storage systems. The solution allows for data accessibility through the use of a unified data view, regardless of where the data is stored. Using an automated, policy-based storage management approach, StorageX maximizes business user data access and minimizes user downtime.

About Data Dynamics
Data Dynamics is a leader in solutions for the discovery, reporting, migration and management of file-based storage. Its award-winning StorageX product suite, which was originally developed by NuView, Inc. and later acquired by Brocade, has been adopted by hundreds of enterprise customers, Fortune 500 companies, and large municipal governments as a solution for the full lifecycle management of their file-based storage infrastructure. Today, Data Dynamics is focused on developing future generations of StorageX as the industry's leading policy-based file data management solution. For more information, please visit:

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