SOURCE: Bruce Boyers Marketing Services

April 17, 2008 01:00 ET

Data Protection for Servers Reduces Help Desk Calls

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - April 17, 2008) - With IT hours at an all-time premium, the reduction of help desk calls becomes a priority. The majority of those calls are user problems, and anything the IT department can do to facilitate users in solving their own problems instead of calling the help desk is of course extremely beneficial.

One common help desk call -- if not the most common -- is, "I've lost my file and I can't get it back!" If a user has saved a file on his or her local machine retrieving can be easy; simply access the Windows Recycle bin, unless that file has been deleted from a command line or some other way bypassing the Recycle bin.

However in today's enterprises most files are saved on a server, not on the user's local hard drive and they cannot be retrieved through the recycle bin. Usually the only option is a time-consuming one for IT: retrieve the lost file from backup. Often the retrieval is a "rush" -- the user needs the file for a presentation or some other immediate use -- and an IT personnel must drop whatever they are doing and retrieve the file for the user.

The price of lost data can range from expensive to a matter of life and death, especially when taking into account wasted employee productivity and the time it takes IT to restore files. There is also the possibility that a file might never be retrieved, and then many hours of production can be wasted having to recreate the data lost. This can all add up to an enormous expense or, in the worst cases, a company-wide catastrophe.

Many sites are discovering a solution which allows a great deal of saved time and money in such cases, advanced data protection software that allows users to retrieve their own accidentally deleted files. After an easy installation, users can get back their own files deleted over a network, from a command line, or even malicious software. Files are protected in real-time and nothing is ever missed, eliminating the costly help desk calls associated with this problem.

The software works by replacing the Windows Recycle Bin with one of its own, making restoration of any file a quick and easy process. Users are able to seamlessly recover their own files, without needing to make that frantic call to help desk.

A good data protection solution can save enterprises thousands of IT hours and untold costs in recovery or recreation of lost data.

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