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March 12, 2008 11:27 ET

Datacastle Introduces First Comprehensive and Unbreakable Endpoint Data Protection Solution

New Entrants and High-Profile M&A Activity Surrounding Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Technology Stimulates Enterprise Awareness; Datacastle Delivers First Software-as-a-Service Solution to Combine CDP With Data Security and Vulnerability Mitigation

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - March 12, 2008) - Datacastle, the endpoint data protection company, announced today at Data Protection Summit 2008 that its Datacastle Endpoint Data Protection software has been significantly enhanced with new and extended functionality that provides up-to-the-minute continuous data protection, unbreakable security and privacy and data vulnerability mitigation.

Datacastle is introducing its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution through the Managed Service Provider (MSP) channel at a time when the data protection market is maturing rapidly, and EMC and IBM have recently acquired early-to-market continuous data protection (CDP) technology firms. Increasingly, enterprises are evaluating and seeking to deploy an affordable and unbreakable approach to endpoint data protection. Founded in 2005 to solve the challenges that expose enterprises to preventable data security risks, gaps in compliance and erosion of brand value, Datacastle is an emerging, innovative software company led by former Microsoft Product Leader, Gary Sumner.

"Datacastle software has been engineered from the ground up to overcome the problems that can compromise data security when working from endpoint devices," said Gary Sumner, CEO of Datacastle. "In overcoming the limitations of conventional continuous data protection technologies, ranging from user behavioral factors to technology and infrastructure inefficiencies, Datacastle enables the virtual workforce to work with data more securely than ever before. In collaboration with our Managed Service Provider partners, Datacastle is making Endpoint Data Protection easy to use, unobtrusive and unbreakable for enterprises that are otherwise at risk of not only losing vital data, but also jeopardizing their business credibility and value."

"Enterprises more than ever need to maximize their employees' contribution by enabling them to work virtually using their most sensitive data wherever and whenever needed, while also mitigating the constantly present security threats," said Marilyn Nelson, Vice President Marketing and Communications, Getronics. "Our Information Risk Management practice and the International Information Integrity Institute® (I-4®) have been advocating the importance of protecting information across all models, especially SaaS. This offer comes at an important time when so many industries are considering virtualization and SaaS."

The new enhancements establish Datacastle Endpoint Data Protection as the first comprehensive solution that stands up to the privacy requirements needed to support regulatory compliance, while protecting brand value and ensuring that key enterprise intellectual property is not accidentally lost or stolen. Using Datacastle's Software-as-a-Service architecture operated by trusted MSPs, enterprises can now equip their virtual workforces to utilize sensitive data outside the four walls of the corporate LAN with the comfort of knowing that their data is backed up to the minute and can never fall into the wrong hands.

"Customers are tired of purchasing, deploying and managing point products," said Dave Russell, Research Vice President, Storage Technologies and Strategies for Gartner. "Today customers often implement disparate tools for near-CDP, encryption key management and data vulnerability management, but the marketplace needs to evolve to a more unified endpoint data protection solution."

The Datacastle Endpoint Data Protection solution includes five key components enabling comprehensive endpoint security and enterprise scale:

Continuous Data Protection Engine: The Datacastle CDP Engine incorporates transparent and seamless background operation including up the minute data back-up; offline data file protection; automatic resumption of data transmission once online; and policy-enabled unlimited multi-versioning to support regulatory data retention requirements.

Unbreakable Security and Privacy: Datacastle offers industry best practice AES-256 encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) with the additional security of randomly generated Master Encryption Keys (MEK). Datacastle's unique, patent-pending automated MEK management and escrow technology provides 3 layers of encryption, ensuring your data will not be compromised while also enabling millions of keys to be managed securely in a multi-tenant environment. The Datacastle storage and encryption methodology ensures that all metadata is encrypted. Other data protection offerings often do not encrypt file and folder hierarchy and metadata, allowing insight to the information being protected and therefore violating data privacy regulations.

Data Vulnerability Mitigation: The new Lock-Wipe-Trace™ feature Locks the device via data encryption on the local disk; Wipes the selected files when the device is out of policy; and Traces the device via the Internet if it is lost or stolen. Datacastle is the only solution provider that offers this feature in conjunction with CDP -- ensuring that if a laptop computer goes missing, data is wiped but not lost because it is backed up.

Infrastructure Optimization: With Datacastle, set-up and restoration are easy. There is no drain on corporate assets -- whether those are IT staff, the network, the servers, the storage, the laptop or the virtual workers themselves. The Datacastle solution optimizes storage and network economies. Datacastle provides the industry's only source-based global data de-duplication of encrypted data offering significant infrastructure savings to enterprises and service providers alike.

Software-as-a-Service Model: Datacastle is delivered through the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model via Managed Service Provider partners that can provide incremental value to their customer base, drive up average revenue per user (ARPU), and optimize return on their data center assets. Enterprise customers have the option of deploying the Datacastle solution in-house, keeping their valued data under their own audit processes while leveraging their own assets.

Pricing and Availability

The enhanced Datacastle Endpoint Protection solution is available in May 2008 through authorized Datacastle Managed Service Providers and priced on a subscription basis from $19.95 per user per month.

About Datacastle

Datacastle was founded in 2005 to address the endpoint data protection challenges that expose enterprises to preventable data security risks, gaps in compliance and erosion of brand value. The Datacastle Endpoint Data Protection solution is the first comprehensive approach that combines up-to-the-minute continuous data protection, unbreakable security and privacy, and data vulnerability mitigation. Datacastle software is available through leading Managed Service Providers worldwide. For more information, visit

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