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September 29, 2009 11:15 ET

DataCert Delivers Industry-Leading Globalization Modules to Enable World-Class Global Legal Spend Management

New Globalization Support Modules Provide Comprehensive VAT Compliance and Multi-Currency Capabilities That Simplify Complexities of Global E-Billing

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - September 29, 2009) - DataCert, Inc., the leading global provider of legal operations management solutions, today announced the release of its new Global Compliance Module, which provides comprehensive value added tax (VAT) compliance support, and Advanced Multi-Currency Module, which enables localization of legal spend management. The two new globalization support modules, available with AIMS, DataCert's legal spend management solution, bring together the critical capabilities required to successfully deploy an e-billing solution to business units operating in Europe and solidify AIMS' position as the foremost solution for global legal e-billing.

"With our significant experience supporting European-based clients as well as a full implementation and support staff entrenched in the local market, DataCert is uniquely positioned to understand the intricacies of VAT and the needs of global legal departments and to develop solutions that effectively address these challenges," stated Jim Tallman, president and chief executive officer, DataCert.

With the Global Compliance Module, DataCert delivers the only comprehensive solution on the legal operations management market for achieving compliance with European VAT regulations. The module fully supports compliance with the EU VAT Directive's requirements for an e-invoice's content, transmission, and storage/archiving, and satisfies additional local VAT requirements in key European jurisdictions. Module features include:

-- International LEDES format support

-- Support for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system requirements, in accordance with EU and country-specific guidelines

-- Use of digital signatures to guarantee e-invoice authenticity, integrity, and non-repudiation

-- EDI archive support, including key reports that meet VAT audit guidelines

-- Automated credit note processing

-- Software escrow services in Europe, as required in key jurisdictions

DataCert's Advanced Multi-Currency Module, which builds upon AIMS' existing ability to receive e-invoices submitted in native currencies by international law firms and legal vendors, enables clients to specify a unique operating currency designation for each business unit or division. Now international users enjoy the ease of using their preferred local currency to:

-- Review and approve invoices

-- View financial details

-- Create and manage budgets

-- Establish and enforce invoice approval authorities

-- Analyze and report on legal spend

The capabilities also extend to Guide, DataCert's automated audit and compliance engine, ensuring that unique billing guidelines driven by local regulatory requirements or business practices are automatically enforced for global business units.

"With the introduction of our Advanced Multi-Currency Module, corporate clients have flexibility that is unprecedented in our industry to accommodate their local business requirements and the needs of global users when deploying AIMS across operations on multiple continents," said Mark Poag, general counsel and senior vice president, marketing, DataCert. "In addition, DataCert's thorough knowledge of the VAT requirements that impact legal e-billing in Europe sets us apart, and our Global Compliance Module makes it easier than ever for corporate legal departments to arm themselves with the complete set of tools they will need to achieve VAT compliance."

For more information, please contact DataCert at 800-780-3681 or e-mail (international inquiries) or (North American inquiries).

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