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December 08, 2009 11:30 ET

DataCert to Host Webinar on Alternative Fee Arrangements for Corporate Legal Departments

DataCert and Valorem Law Group to Discuss the World Beyond the Billable Hour and the Role Legal Technology Plays in Managing AFAs

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - December 8, 2009) - DataCert, Inc., the leading global provider of legal operations management solutions, will host a free webinar on December 15, in partnership with Valorem Law Group and co-sponsored by ILTA (International Legal Technology Association), to discuss how corporate legal departments can leverage alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) to create budget predictability and extract the greatest value from their outside counsel. This webinar, which is based on DataCert's highly-successful AFAs seminar series from this past fall, will also explore the role that legal technology plays in evaluating and improving the effectiveness of AFAs with outside counsel.

"There is no doubt that AFAs are becoming integral to the way legal departments do business. No longer is the billable hour accepted as the only means of paying for legal services," said Mark Poag, general counsel and senior vice president, marketing, DataCert. "There is a tremendous opportunity to leverage existing legal technology to effectively manage AFAs to ensure optimal value is achieved."

"Valorem Law Group was founded in January 2008 on the proposition that complex business litigation should be handled using AFAs," said Patrick J. Lamb, Founding Member, Valorem Law Group. "We have seen more and more law departments moving to AFAs because of the budget certainty and cost savings they can provide, both of which are more important than ever."

In-house counsel and corporate legal department managers and executives should attend this free webinar to learn how to address challenges related to the way they negotiate, enforce, and track the success of the AFAs and how legal technology can help them with this. The featured speakers for the seminar are:

-- D. Mark Poag, General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Marketing, DataCert

-- Patrick J. Lamb, Founding Member, Valorem Law Group

To register for this webinar, click here.

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DataCert is the premier global provider of legal operations management solutions, including legal spend, intellectual property, and matter management software and services. Corporate legal departments trust DataCert solutions to manage, analyze, and optimize their legal operations. DataCert has law firm, vendor, and agent connections in more than 150 countries and its customers include 71 Fortune® 500 corporations, 53 Global Fortune® 500 corporations, and 100% of the AmLaw 200. Visit for more information and follow us on Twitter for real-time updates

About Valorem Law Group

Valorem (meaning "value" in Latin) Law Group, LLC opened its doors on January 2, 2008. Formed by four partners who are self-proclaimed "Big Law Refugees," the firm represents business interests in litigation and other disputes. The firm's website declares "The Billable Hour Is Dead," and details the firm's belief that alternative fee arrangements can provide clients with budget certainty and results-oriented discipline in any kind of litigation. The firm also provides its clients a "Value Adjustment Line" on every invoice, giving clients the ultimate discretion to adjust the amount of the firm's invoice to match the value received. For more information on Valorem, visit

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