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November 18, 2011 08:55 ET

DataDirect Networks (DDN) Delivers 300% Faster Analytics and Business Intelligence for Financial Services and Big Data Environments

DDN's SFA10K-X Appliance Shows Hyper-Linear Scaling for STAC-M3 Big Data Benchmarks, Significantly Improving Risk Management and Quantitative Trading Algorithms

CHATSWORTH, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 18, 2011) - DataDirect Networks (DDN), the world's largest privately-held information storage company, today announced benchmark results that establish the DDN SFA10K-X™ Big Data appliance as the leading platform for processing and analyzing equities, credit, FX and other market data for securities pricing, algorithm development for quantitative trading, risk management and other types of financial analytics. The STAC-M3™ benchmark results, audited by the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC®), are available in two STAC Reports at

"In today's uncertain and vulnerable global economies, having the right tools to make better and faster financial decisions is absolutely critical," said Alex Bouzari, CEO of DataDirect Networks. "DDN's SFA 10K-X Big Data appliance gives financial institutions worldwide a significant advantage in analyzing and processing market data, optimizing their risk profiles, and getting better results out of their quantitative trading algorithms."

Financial organizations are challenged to continuously develop new strategies and deploy more efficient and faster tools for analyzing and processing market tick data. The STAC Reports demonstrate that DDN gives financial institutions a clear advantage in making their quantitative analysts more productive, and better capturing and monetizing opportunities in today's volatile markets.

STAC tested a full InfiniBand™-enabled DDN SFA10K-X Big Data appliance designed to support multiple direct-connected servers. To illustrate the benefit of DDN storage, DDN chose a server essentially the same as a server that was tested with a conventional storage array in a previous STAC-M3 report*. The DDN system used the same kdb+ database from Kx Systems to assess real-world SFA10K-X performance. Highlights from the DDN STAC-M3 results include:

  • The SFA10K-X system delivered as much as a 300% improvement in query speed
  • The SFA10K-X system even improved performance of computationally-intensive benchmarks by up to 150%

DDN was the first to perform a new extended STAC-M3 benchmark suite, designated Kanaga, which was designed to test the scalability of system performance with data sets as much as 10 times larger, more closely resembling many large analytics users. The results of these tests show better than linear scaling of performance on I/O intensive queries, meaning that the query results are returned proportionally to the amount of data to be analyzed without slowing down as conventional storage may.

"The STAC-M3 Benchmark suites were specified by trading firms on the STAC Benchmark Council to reflect real business workloads," said Peter Lankford, Founder & Director of STAC. "Capital markets organizations find STAC-M3 reports useful because STAC-M3 is the only community-developed standard for understanding the capability of different software and hardware to perform an important class of analytics. In the case of storage, STAC-M3 reports on systems such as those provided by DDN are providing important insights into the potential for new architectures to accelerate tick-data applications. We are especially pleased that DDN chose to be the first to test how well their system scales as the dataset grows, since data volumes in the industry are ballooning."

"For more than a decade, DDN has continually delivered data infrastructure solutions that are at the leading edge of the Big Data era," said Eyal Waldman, Chairman, President and CEO of Mellanox. "InfiniBand networks are widely deployed in low-latency trading environments due to their ability to execute trading strategies faster than traditional networks, and we are pleased that DDN has taken another important step by applying Mellanox Connect-X technology upstream to the capture of market data and development of trading strategies."

Announced in September 2011, DDN's SFA10K-X is the world's fastest storage appliance for Big Data applications. Capable of delivering 15GB/s & 840,000 Flash IOPS to fibre channel and InfiniBand environments and scaling capacity of up to 3.6 Petabytes in only two data center floor tiles, the SFA10K-X is an ideal storage foundation for financial enterprises looking to consolidate and accelerate their market data and trading analytics environments.

* Comparisons are versus SUT ID KDB110331. Performance of STAC-M3.ß1.1T.YRHIBID.LAT2 was 303% higher for the DDN system. Performance of STAC-M3.ß1.10T.STATS-AGG.LAT2 was 154% higher. Volume-scaling benchmarks cited are STAC-M3.ß1.1T.[n]YRHIBID.LAT2.

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