May 05, 2011 07:59 ET

DataKinetics Launches Game Changing Mainframe DB2 Solution

Company Prepares for Growth with New Products and Executive Appointments

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 5, 2011) - DataKinetics, the leader in mainframe transaction and performance optimization, has unveiled the Java to DB2 Optimizer, a product that significantly increases mainframe data capacity and throughput while decreasing data access request time for DB2. In a trial with a large US bank, the elapsed time was reduced by 90%.

The Java to DB2 Optimizer was initially developed by DataKinetics to solve Java to DB2 access issues in the mainframe of a large US bank. It was facing unexpected and significant cost increases when one of its Java applications accessing DB2 required dramatically higher processing in order to run the application.

The DataKinetics approach to this problem was to reduce the load on DB2 on multiple fronts as accessing DB2 is processing intensive and time consuming. The first steps were to reduce the number of I/Os to DB2 for read only data and reduce the load on DB2 by replacing dynamic SQL queries with stored procedures. Using DataKinetics connectors, Optimizer was developed to further offload DB2 by providing an efficient transformation of the results of the SQL query into a Java format, eliminating the need to re-drive DB2 SQL queries to obtain additional results.

"The results of these changes are impressive. In our trial we were able to reduce the time it took for the SQL to execute on the mainframe by up to 90% simply by eliminating that additional load on DB2", says Larry Strickland, DataKinetics Chief Product Officer.

Allan Zander, DataKinetics CEO, says, "The impact to the customer is huge. Not only can they process more transactions per unit of time, but as the data accesses continue to grow, they continue to reap the benefits of the efficiencies that Java to DB2 Optimizer provides. This is the only software product to provide a simple and cost effective solution to a significant problem that many enterprises have. Based on the responses we've had to date, this will be a very successful product."

DataKinetics is also releasing tableEXTENZ, a solution that significantly extends the capability of their existing flagship product tableBASE, to address the ever increasing load on DB2 to service the data requests of customers, employees and partners without hobbling the mainframe. tableBASE creates in-memory tables, loads those tables from sequential files or DB2 – and fetches the data from those tables and provides it to the application. tableBASE provides the shortest possible path to the data by replacing I/Os with in-memory fetches. When the information is in memory – it is phenomenally quick to access and the time taken for a transaction is reduced. This allows for the number of transactions per unit of time to increase and as a result performance and capacity are significantly improved. tableEXTENZ extends the capability of reducing transaction time for mainframe applications to Java applications with the new Java to DB2 Optimizer, available as an option to tableEXTENZ.

The second product that is part of tableEXTENZ is VTS Manager, which extends the ability of in-memory tables to be shared beyond a single LPAR and to work seamlessly as part of a SYSPLEX. VTS Manager extends the ability for enterprises to operate 7x24x365 by enabling seamless activation of new data allowing changes to the data (which may be stored in DB2) to continue in the background while applications continue to access their reference data in in-memory tables.

Executive Appointments

The launch of these new products moves DataKinetics into new business segments. To manage this period of growth CEO Allan Zander is pleased to announce the appointments of industry veterans Steve Panyko, Larry Strickland and Graham Wilson to the executive team.

Steve Panyko is the Chief Customer Officer for DataKinetics. With his extensive business experience he is responsible for all sales and marketing through all channels, including the direct sales force and channel partners. Mr Panyko is well known in the Ottawa business community as a business visionary and the former CEO of Sciemetric Instruments Inc and CML Emergency Services. His extensive experience includes CEO roles with Echopass Corporation in Salt Lake City, Utah, Onix Microsystems in Richmond, California as well as President of Harris Communications products division, and Vice President/General Manager of Rockwell's Switching Systems Division. Mr Panyko is based in Colorado Springs.

Larry Strickland joined DataKinetics in January as Chief Products Officer, and is responsible for product direction and development as the company moves into new business segments. He was the CTO and VP of Product Management for Ottawa startup Natural Convergence, where his technical background and astute eye for the marketplace was instrumental in developing key product differentiators, and forging important business partnerships for the company. Previously, he held various management positions with Nortel Networks during that company's period of high growth and market dominance.
Graham Wilson joined DataKinetics in March as Chief Knowledge Officer, responsible for professional services and customizing solutions for new customer challenges. He has extensive experience in building professional services businesses in other companies such as Ottawa startup FirstHand Technologies which was acquired by CounterPath Corporation. Graham brings a wealth of technical knowledge and development experience to this position.

"In order to support the growth we are experiencing, we've brought in a number of new, experienced senior managers who add depth and breadth to the management team", says Allan Zander. "This is an exciting time in the company's 30 year history."

About DataKinetics

DataKinetics is the leader in mainframe transaction and performance optimization. DataKinetics solutions have been enabling data centers within IBM System z mainframe, Linux and distributed environments to achieve superior performance gains, capacity, and scale using existing applications and hardware for over 30 years. DataKinetics delivers distinct competitive advantage to global Fortune 500 companies with products that have enhanced hundreds of thousands of mission-critical transactions per second every day for banking, insurance, credit card, brokerage house and retail industries.

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