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August 03, 2016 09:00 ET

Datameer Rallies Behind Financial Services Institutions With Targeted Big Data Analytic Resources

Focus on Anti-Money Laundering, Risk & Compliance and Customer Analytics Helps With Critical Pain Points

SAN FRANCISCO, CA --(Marketwired - August 03, 2016) - In a move to help financial services and insurance institutions find new insights that drive higher business performance, Datameer is introducing a number of resources that will target key pain points. Focus areas include identifying suspicious money-laundering activity patterns, reducing risk and maintaining regulatory compliance, and improving customer intelligence and precisely targeting marketing campaigns.

"In this new digital era, financial services are encountering a host of new challenges due to the combination of the rising volume and complexity of data and the escalation of regulatory pressures," said Stefan Groschupf, CEO of Datameer. "We understand that helping navigate these waters goes beyond simply providing the best technology platform by understanding the industry's pain points and helping foster the development of a data-centric organization."

Anti-Money Laundering

Anti-money laundering regulations continue to evolve, becoming more complex, costly and difficult to comply with. Given the ever-growing scope of AML rules and massive volume of data to be analyzed, leading banks are abandoning their minimally viable compliance approaches and leveraging modern BI platforms to streamline their AML reporting and compliance.

Webinar: Hear from industry leading AML consultants and practitioners from McKinsey, Airbnb and S&P Global in a free, on-demand webinar hosted by Datameer discussing:

  • The constantly evolving AML regulations and the business challenges placed on institutions
  • Data, analytic and technical challenges to cost effective reporting and compliance
  • The ways a modern BI platform answers the analytic and architectural challenges of AML compliance and reporting

To help financial institutions better understand analytical methodologies for identifying suspicious activity, Datameer and NU Borders partnered to develop an AML application template. This template shows an example of the analytical steps to bring together mock, anonymous client data, transactional data, and sanctions lists in order to display trends and red flags in financial transactions.

Risk & Compliance

Regulatory compliance mandates are becoming stricter and most involve the aggregation, analysis, and reporting of massive diverse data sets that span business lines and are managed by many teams. Only 32 percent of firms in the 2015 Deloitte Compliance Trends Survey were confident their compliance departments IT systems could satisfy compliance responsibilities.

Responding to the latest regulatory mandate is made easy with Datameer's architecture, which balances the need for rapid ad hoc self-service analytics with enterprise grade governance, access controls, and scheduling/automation capabilities.

Webinar: Sign up for a live webinar on August 4 with business advisory firm, Deloitte, and Datameer to learn about:

  • The growing scope of risk & compliance
  • How risk & compliance analytics can generate more value
  • Best practices for agile, adaptive risk & compliance analytics
  • Ways to advance your risk & compliance big data journey

Customer Analytics

A 2016 Accenture survey found only 27 percent of consumers say the omni-channel experience of their bank is seamless. With 11 percent of consumers having switched providers in the past 12 months and competition increasing, FSIs and insurers need to engage with customers and maximize those relationships.

Combining all customer interaction data from transaction, CRM, call center, mobile apps, website, social media, digital ads and analyzing it together helps financial services companies truly understand the customer's journey. With big data analytics financial services can answer questions such as:

  • What campaigns convert prospects to customers?
  • How to target ads to different consumer segments for higher conversion?
  • What behavior predicts churn?

Webinar: Register for a live webinar on August 17 with Cloudera's big data technology evangelist, Steve Totman, and Datameer to learn:

  • How big data can impact customer relationships to grow revenue and decrease churn
  • Data architecture requirements for a 360 degree view of customers
  • Actionable analytics to build a more effective customer journey

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